June 9, 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Night Songs.

Late night overdrive.

Another 80s hardrock hit-machine from the East-Coast, here to dominate MTV and all those rock-magazine covers. No not BON JOVI, not POISON either ...but the midnight magic of CINDERELLA.

The moody opener, the misty "Night Songs" with it's BLACK SABBATH doom-heavymetal riffing is sure to please most head-bangers. The immediate iconic hard-hitter "Shake Me" did shake the rock-foundation with it's instant hook and fist-pumping action.

More meat and potatoes hardrock is found on the pounding "Once Around The Ride" and "Somebody Save Me". The obligatory power-ballad "Nobody's Fool" displays another soulful voice, courtesy of band-leader and main-writer Tom Keifer. And some southern-vibes are present on "In From The Outside", a signature that will fully mature on the following 1988 Long Cold Winter LP.

Don't let their glamorous looks fool you.

Simple and effective hard-rocknroll drenched in blues fret-work. The RIAA-certified 3x Platinum monster is now an intrinsic part of the hardrock explosion of the decadent decade.

I need a shot of gasoline !

Shake Me = video
Noboby's fool = video
Somebody Save Me = video
Night Songs = full LP
Interview at MuchMusic in 1986
Live in Montreal in 1986


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