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March 16, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Coverdale • Page.

During the grunge-era, a glimpse of arenarock shines through ...thanks to two posh English gentlemen:

WHITESNAKE's David Coverdale
LED ZEPPELIN's Jimmy Page.

When tectonic classicrock is out of the radar and nowhere to be found in sight, head to the UK. Marshalls check, Les Paul check, loud drums check, slick bold British attitude check ...they love to keep us warm.

The ringing steel guitar-intro of "Shake My Tree" builds a Southern vibe while Coverdale snakes in. The crescendo explodes into a massive classicrock zeppelin, right into a boogie twang of "Waiting On You". It's been a long time since we rocknrolled ! The house buuuuuurns down to the ground on the Americanized metal "Feeling Hot", while the power of the leading-single "Pride And Joy" is a healthy B12-shot dose of pride, passion and power, from the lovehunters that crafted this very genre of hard stuff.

The hypnotic "Kashmir"-esque "Over Now" and gravity-defying "Absolution Blues" could be contenders for 1993's best songs. And on the other side of the spectrum, the muscular powerballads of "Take Me For A Little While" and "Don't Leave Me This Way" are monoliths on their own.

We dare to ask: could this be 1978 all over again ?

An integral part of the Mount Rushmore of hardrock, this mega-project, as you would expect, had limited success. The early 90s was hardrock and classicrock hostile and the changing of the guard was exceptionally merciless on 70s-legends, beside the obvious BLACK SABBATH worship.

The Mother of collaboration, second in line to a full 3/4 ZEPPELIN reunion, the COVERDALE • PAGE partnership did achieve RIAA-certified Platinum status. Yet this one-of-a-kind union was a one-of-a-kind event, as Mister Coverdale would later reanimate WHITESNAKE, while Mister Page would rekindle with ...Robert Plant in 1994.

"Women to the left, women to the right, the boys are feeling hot tonight !"

Pride And Joy = video
Take Me For A Little While = video
Coverdale • Page = full CD
Interview in 1993
Live in Tokyo in 1993





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