1987 sur platine: Coverdale + Sykes + Murray + Dunbar
...et live: Coverdale + Vandenberg + Campbell + Sarzo + Aldridge.

Célébrons trente ans de Serpent Blanc. Here we go again !


November 18, 1989 - 2019: 30 years of: Slip Of The Tongue.

Monumental arenarock ...1989 is the peak for the hardrock movement with huge rock-hits, explosive guitar-solos, lotsa pyros, sleazy groupies, big egos, bigger hair and lavish videos and this time, the mighty WHITESNAKE goes for the throat. The ultimate hardrock union in rocknroll heaven, the forces of Mother Nature unites: WHITESNAKE & Steve Vai !

Following an unfortunate hand injury by guitar-player Adrian Vandenberg, ringmaster David Coverdale went for the shinny diamond, in the best and most revolutionary player out there. THE classic British hardrock/heavyblues band matched with THE ultimate 7-string shredder of the decade. Mister Steve Vai, from Frank Zappa to ALCATRAZZ to David Lee Roth ...the flexable Vai is THE HOTTEST MOTHERFUCKER around !

1987's self-titled all-hits multi-Platinum Whitesnake LP is the mother of everything hardrock, where could they go from now on ? ...higher and louder !

Lick this:

The ass-kickin' title-track sets the world afire. "Girl you'd shame the Devil with that look that's in your eyes", heavyrock and kinky-attitude, this is the juggernaut you've feared. Top-gear production, classic heavyblues licks and street-level stamina ...and this is just the opening track, think you're gonna make it ? hold on to dear life !

Coverdale AKA the Hard-Rock-Sex-Symbol, shall not be outdone by the current scene-kids, as "Cheap An' Nasty" rips throughout the loud-speakers. Heavy-riffing, whammy-bar dives, chest-bursting drums and the voice of rocknroll, all packaged in an easy to swallow 3:28sec pill ...open-wide !

"Kittens Got Claws" possesses more razor-sharp shreds than Wolverine, while "Now You're Gone" is another SNAKE powerballad immortal signature-trick. The Titanic "Judgment Day" moves mountain, literally. Über massive guitar chords pushes and shoves you around like a Raggedy Ann doll, while DC reaches out and holds your hand to bring you back safely aboard ...there is none higher and stronger hardrock track out there !

The re-recorded universal classic "Fool For Your Loving" originally published on 1980's Ready An' Willing LP is an upgraded arenarock anthem and now MTV-staple. If you haven't heard this power-rock song ever before, you sadly must be deaf.

Now one question still remains: why Slip wasn't as successful as the Whitesnake '87 LP ?

The current scene in 1990 was saturated in a status-quo state, after a decade of loud parties and excesses, it was a time for a change ...that change would come in late-1991 with the Seattle-rock trend. Hypothetically, if the Whitesnake LP would've been released in 1986 and Slip Of The Tongue in 1988, this would have been the 1-2 punch all bands fantasizes about, and the SNAKE would have been 10x bigger than they already where. Show-business is all about timing and sometimes events don't always roll your way.

Now 30 years+, Slip Of The Tongue is firmly part of the classic all-hits WHITESNAKE-trilogy: 1984's Slide It In, 1987's Whitesnake and 1989's Slip Of The Tongue. Some tracks are still played in current concert, much to fans cheers and appreciation ...a true sign of a classic.

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