1986 - Darkness Descends.
way more Helter Skelter.

November 17, 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Darkness Descends.

The race is ON !

The 1985-86 era is the epitome for speedmetal, the expansion of thrashmetal. CELTIC FROST, SLAYER, KREATOR, VOÏVOD, POSSESSED, RAZOR and the dark one. From the other Los Angeles, far away from the glamour of West-Hollywood, arises an angel from the darkside.

Their 1985 debut We Have Arrived LP is a supercharged NWOBHM release. Enter drum-mammoth Gene Hoglan ...let's hear how fast could they go ?

The title-track sneaks in and destroys any barricade in sight. At the 1:35sec the tornado steams at full power. Speed and aggression is spewed with hate in mind. The fire is ablazed and ready for the steel-melting point with "The Burning Of Sodom", a fast-friction cut. All RPMs are in motion on "Hunger Of The Undead" in a blast of raging leads and speedmetal drumming, while the philosophically-titled "Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)" is yet again, another demented avalanche of bloodshed riffs.

Autumn 1986: Game Over LP, Reign In Blood LP, Peace Sells ...But Who's Buying LP and the Darkness Descends LP. No needs for nukes when we have this actual heavymetal Declaration Of War. The boys will mature and come back for more audio-violence with new screamer Ron Rinehart on 1989's riff-o-rama Leave Scars LP.

They have arrived !

Darkness Descends = full LP
Live in 1987


Ultimate Revenge 2

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