June 3, 1970 - 2020: 50 years of: In Rock.

Another classicrock Royalty reaches another classic milestone.

The birth of anything remotely non-conformist in Earth's biggest and greatest cultural-revolution: the British-Invasion of the rebellious 1960s. On one side, spearheaded by THE BEATLES, THE ANIMALS and THE ROLLING STONES and on the other darkside, with the heavier LED ZEPPELIN, CREAM and DEEP PURPLE.


DEEP PURPLE were always "that band" because they had their sound infused by distinctive organ-player rock-giant Sir Jon Lord …no he's not Knighted, but all should invoke him as Sir, got that ? After 3 releases and lukewarm reception, record number 4 is the missing cornerstone and point of no return for the quintet that went from acidrock to heavyblues-merchants / heavymetal co-creators ...the other co-creating element being BLACK SABBATH.

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome into the world of rocknroll: Sir Ian Gillan on vocals and Sir Roger Glover on bass-guitar ...they are key-members of DEEP PURPLE they all should be invoked as Sir ! DEEP PURPLE 2.0, AKA the world-renown Mark II was now officially bound and ready for hardrock-stardom. 1970's In Rock LP is a landslide of loud guitars, hard hitting drums and cranium-splitting vocals.

After the apocalyptic-intro and then moody church-like organ, the LP begins with the fast "Speed King" and it's demonic driving guitar-riff. Massive and menacing, the death-tone is from another world. No time to rest, as "Bloodsucker" kicks-in high-gear. The lead-guitar and keyboards shares lead position in a rock-solid rock-pattern groove.

The fast exterminating "Flight Of The Rat" is the genesis for speedmetal. Fast drums, fast guitar and accompanying fast bass-line. Just like having your pretty face shoveled against the nozzle of a motorbike, the fun starts here: DEEP PURPLE is the band and "Flight Of The Rat" is the song.

The heaviest of all heaviness is heavily displayed on the heavy-track: "Into The Fire". Heavy dirty overdriven guitar-tone, heavy repetitive chromatic-riff and Sir Ian Paice's heavy effervescent drums puts this particular heavy cut close to being heavymetal's ultimate incarnation. The heavy ton-like rhythm hammers-on for a full heavy 3:29sec of chest-bursting heavy-rock mayhem.

And now, one humanity's most epic power-ballad.

The grandiose 10min+ "Child In Time" is all melodies and deep classicrock magic. At the 2:52sec point Gillan's crescendo lines reaches Mount Rushmore-size status and explodes into a hardrock progressive chain-reaction at the 3:18sec mark. Using dynamics to the fullest extend of the law, the 4:06sec mark splits the atom as Sir Ritchie Blackmore's lead explore every inch of the fretboard and beyond. While at the 6:07sec finish-line, Lord safely brings us back home. This song should have been included on the Voyager spacecraft exploration. One of rocknroll's most revered song !

In Rock is now 50 years old, one of the most respected elders of heavy-music as it immortalizes DEEP PURPLE as one of the Stonehenge-monuments of the hardrock family-tree. No other record had the same blunt impact has it did, well except 1972's magnificent magnum-opus gazillion-selling Machine Head LP, where PURPLE outdid themselves ...and the entire rock-world.

You can't be a real rocknroll fan ...if you ain't in rock !

RIP Jon Lord (1941-2012)

Speed King - video
In Rock - full LP
Interview in 1970
Live British telecast in 1970
Speed King covered by PRIMAL FEAR
some guy

Britain's greatest band !!!

Not just mere smoke on the water, but 50 years of rich multi-layered genre-defining classicrock. Yet 1972's all-hit-album Machine Head, remains one of rocknroll's most revered LP to date.

Still today, any day, anyplace in the world, you can play any of the following tracks and get people groovin': Highway Star, Smoke On The Water, Pictures Of Home, Maybe I'm A Leo, Lazy and the epicenter of the album: Space Truckin'

And then they dare to ask: "Can we have everything louder than everything else ?"

The greatest live record on tape. DEEP PURPLE in Japan: Gillan, Paice, Lord, Glover and Blackmore under the rising sun in 1972, stuff rock-dreams are made of.

Happy Canada Day ...and thank you whoever shot that flare gun :)



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