October 15, 1996 - 2021: 25 years of: Angry Machines.

...now the first in line, in heaviness !

Doomier and gloomier, a modern Ronnie Dio is on a roll, after his BLACK SABBATH rebirth with 1992's digital divine destruction of Dehumanizer.

Solo-again with 1993's muscular Strange Highways CD, featuring new-kid Tracy Grijalva on guitar, the holy diver and his deadly devices now took a deeper and heavier take on the tumultuous nineties.

The opening track "Institutional Man" is a ton-like metal-monster of epic proportions. The giant frontman is alive and well. Right into the groovy drive of "Don't Tell The Kids", a fast molten-metal cut that sets the band, once again, as leaders of the pack.

"Stay Out Of My Mind" is a modern epic, that incorporates special-effects in the mid-part, for that extra touch of technology. High-gain crunchiness is present on the ass-kicker "Double Monday" and the sacred heart gets a facelift and street-touches on "Dying In America".

Breaking away from the 80s-clichés, gone are the rainbows in the dark and the evil eyes, as the now street cutting-edge DIO is standing tall and proud in this new scene made out of alt-rockers, groove-thrashers and deathmetalers. An updated DIO for an updated reality, all in true genuine stand up and shout heavymetal fashion.

Sadly this would be longtime drummer Vinny Appice's last collaboration. Another version of the band shall arise upon the new metallic-millennium with 2000's concept-album Magica CD.

RIP Ronald James Padavona (1942-2010)

Angry Machines = full CD
Interview in 1996
Live in Las Vegas in 1996


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