Forbidden Evil


March 30, 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Twisted Into Form.

1990: the premium year for "smart thrashmetal"

Gone, well almost, was the worn-out Satan-element and free-violence in thrashmetal. A new breed had taken over the scene: Young, street-styled and over-talented musicians were now the new kids on the block. The 1989-90 class of "intelligent thrashmetal" was in full motion. Classic releases by CORONER, VOÏVOD and ANNIHILATOR were embracing this new-found sound and new-found positive vibe amongst the metal-scene. And the cream arose to the top with the new "and hypothetical other" Big Four; DEATH ANGEL, SACRED REICH, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and yours truly: FORBIDDEN !

After the release of their 1988 debut, the explosive Forbidden Evil LP, their previous moniker, the San-Franciscan were now more matured, more focused, yet still performing lethal thrashmetal. American muscle-metal topped with a British-type powermetal frontman, this band is fail-proof !

The beautiful and clever "Parting Of The Ways" classical-guitar intro sets the pace left-field for a minute and then the knock-out of "Infinite" rolls-in with a fast double bass-drum rhythm. Maelstrom-riffing and high-pitched vocals: FORBIDDEN's now trademark metal-touch is in full effect ...pure metal-opus !

Raging thrashmetal is found on the fast-paced "Out Of Body (Out Of Mind)" and the CD's closer, the impressive-progressive "One Foot In Hell". The sick head-banging title-track alone puts to shame, musically, other big names in the genre that starts with the letter "M"

The hairfull MTV-hit "Step By Step" is a thrash-staple of the era. Rough guitar riffing, stealthy dual-lead solos, a catchy hook and the melodic operatic vocal-line that stands-up tall thru the saturated metal-crowd. All the elements are there inside this now genre-defining classic.

The Twisted Into Form CD always ranks high-up in the "forgotten gem" lists of thrashmetal's best. Superior musicianship and exquisite silk-smooth vocals, they had a signature-sound and were truly a one of a kind breed in a sea of 3rd generation axe-wankers.

Sadly, being signed to independent label Combat Records with limited power and then having the metal-landscape assaulted by the Seattle-scene in late 1991, quickly left smaller bands like FORBIDDEN dead by the curb into no man's land. Drummer Paul Bostaph did find a new day-job in SLAYER and the band did carry-on and released 2 other records in the mid-nineties to lukewarm reception, until the 2010 one-off reunion CD and touring cycle.

From conception to birth, to growth, to death ...we are all twisted into form.

Step By Step - video
Full CD
Interview in 1990
Live snippet in 1990


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