1988 - Forbidden Evil.
1990 - Twisted Into Form.
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September 30, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: Forbidden Evil.

San Francisco's thrashmetal zenith.

The race is on, yet some runners do have a substantial lead. Pushing the thrashmetal agenda into melodic-territories, FORBIDDEN are the band that energized the genre. Dual unison guitar-leads and JUDAS PRIEST-style vocals ...the Bay-Area would never be the same.

Welcome to the Church of lies
...and drink from the "Chalice Of Blood" ...a quick calorific melodic-speedmetal shot. We know what we need, that extra push, over the cliff. Provided with power we eventually end "Off The Edge", another pit-friendly speedmetal explosion. The LP's closer "Follow Me" takes Euro-powermetal hints and Americanize the mix to perfection, vocal-wise, Russ Anderson's best performance.

The epic powermetal speed of the "Forbidden Evil" title-track rips the scene apart with it's aggressive tone and grandiose staccato guitars. The lead-break is an adventure on it's own, as both guitarists Craig Locicero and Glen Alvelais are fretboard-masters. Crystal pure rabid metal-attacks on "March Into Fire" and "Feel No Pain" ...some of the era's best thrash-communion.

A couple of tracks includes writing from Robb Flynn ...yes the same Robb Flynn that destroyed with VIO-LENCE and later metal-mastodon MACHINE HEAD.

During the Second Wave Of Thrash-Metal, the Northern California scene was the hot-bed for high-quality mosh and FORBIDDEN would break more sonic-barriers than their closest contenders. Performing at the Ultimate Revenge 2 Philadelphia thrash-bash, the very young FORBIDDEN were at the height of their craft, already.

Round Two would appear with their 1990 second ultimate revenge, the perfect exhibition of the Twisted Into Form CD.

Forbidden Evil = full
Live Ultimate Revenge 2 in Philadelphia in 1988
Live at Dynamo in 1989

March 30, 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Twisted Into Form.

1990: the premium year for smart-thrashmetal.

Gone, well almost, the worn-out Satan-element and free-violence in thrashmetal. A new breed had taken over: young, street-styled and over-talented musicians were now the new kids on the block. The 1989-90 class of "intelligent thrashmetal" was in full motion. Classic releases by CORONER, VOIVOD and ANNIHILATOR were embracing this new-found sound and new-found positive vibe amongst the scene.

After their 1988 explosive Forbidden Evil debut LP, their previous moniker, the San-Franciscan were now more matured, more focused, yet still performing lethal thrash. American muscle-metal topped with a British-type powermetal frontman, this band is fail-proof !

The beautiful and clever "Parting Of The Ways" classical-guitar intro sets the pace left-field for a minute and then the knock-out of "Infinite" rolls-in with a fast double bass-drum rhythm. Maelstrom-riffing and high-pitched vocals: FORBIDDEN's now trademark metal-touch is in full effect ...pure metal-opus !

Raging thrashmetal is found on the fast-paced "Out Of Body (Out Of Mind)" and the CD's closer, the impressive-progressive "One Foot In Hell". The sick head-banging title-track alone puts to shame, musically, other big names in the genre that starts with the letter "M".

The hairfull MTV-hit "Step By Step" is a thrash-staple of the era. Rough guitar riffing, stealthy dual-lead solos, a catchy hook and the melodic operatic vocal-line that stands-up tall thru the saturated metal-crowd. All the elements are there inside this now genre-defining classic.

The Twisted Into Form CD always ranks high-up in the forgotten gem lists of thrashmetal's best. Superior musicianship and exquisite silk-smooth vocals, they had a signature-sound and were truly a one of a kind breed in a sea of 3rd generation axe-wankers.

Sadly being signed to independent label Combat Records with limited ressources and then having the metal-landscape assaulted by Seattle in late 1991, quickly left smaller bands like FORBIDDEN dead by the curb into no man's land. Drummer Paul Bostaph did find a new day-job in SLAYER and the band did carry-on and released two other records in the mid-nineties to lukewarm reception, until the 2010 one-off reunion Omega Wave CD and touring cycle.

From conception to birth, to growth, to death ...we are all twisted into form.

Step By Step = video
Twisted Into Form = full CD
Interview in 1990
Live snippet in 1990


Bay-Area 87-88


Ultimate Revenge 2

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