1988 - Dragon's Kiss.
more FRIEDMAN, Marty.
way more Helter Skelter.

August 8, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: Dragon's Kiss.

Magic and might.

Blooming away from the cacophony, the Shrapnel Records's Dragon's Kiss LP would bring new textures into the lead-mix. Breaking away from anonymity, to eventual top-player ...the hardrock scene finally get's it's proper dose of Marty Friedman.

Going off !

Beyond, beyond ...Friedman brings us close to the "Saturation Point", the fusion peak of metal-crunch and classical-leads. The speed metal symphony slows down for the exotic "Namida (Tears)", a trek into beautifulness. Harden steel is felt on the enigmatic "Dragon Mistress", while the possession of "Evil Thrill" and "Anvils" are both powermetallic powerhouses.

Might and magic, the LP features the athletic drumming of Deen Castronovo and the athletic moves of string-buddy Jason Becker ...the race was on. Following the eccentric Malmsteen and recent Satriani explosion, lead-guitar records would bloom into a full passion and warfare.

Marty's next public appearance would be in the incarnation of one of thrashmetal's best act, changing the game with one of thrashmetal's best release: MEGADETH's 1990 Rust In Piece CD.

Dragon's Kiss = full LP
Audition for MEGADETH in 1989

more FRIEDMAN, Marty:


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