September 17, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Use Your Illusion I & II.

The last massive footprint in hardrock.

Still under the haze of 1987's all-killers no-fillers extravaganza Appetite For Destruction LP, the wild West-Hollywood bad boys were about to make the jump into mainstream rock-stardom. Some line-up changes: out original drummer Steven Adler, in Matt Sorum from THE CULT and in keyboardist Dizzy Reed ...yet behind the desk, the magic of Mike Clink remains. Eventually GNR co-creator Izzy Stradlin would leave later on tour, his spot would be filled by Gilby Clarke.

Hard act to follow: Multi Platinum-sellers, street-fighters, riot-starters and trend-survivors ....GUNS N' ROSES doesn't play rocknroll - rocknroll plays GUNS N' ROSES ...get in the ring !!!

Illusion I.
The bloody bold opener mutherfokkin' "Right Next Door To Hell" is the gateway into rocknroll-Armageddon ...a fast-cut for the moshpit aficionados. More clinched fists are flying on "Perfect Crime", the louder "Back Off Bitch" and the 2:42sec NYHC-burst of "Garden Of Eden".

Rhythm 'n blues is present on "Bad Obsession" and actual blues makes a welcomed appearance on the earthy "You Ain't The First" and "Dust N' Bones". The audacious QUEEN-like "November Rain" powerballad is a now arenarock staple. A posh 8:57sec epic piano-led trip into rocknroll, while the beefed-up 1973 WINGS reprise "Live And Let Die" is another worthy bonus.

Illusion II.
The cold and calculated "Civil War" sets the mood into a dark and somber mid-tempo heavyrock cut. Diametrically, the lighter rockers "Yesterday" and "Breakdown" resets the pace, while the high-grade name-dropping, fuck-givin' and teeth-knockin' "Get In The Ring" is were Axl sets the record straight with some media-rats.

All-time classic Bob Dylan "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" gets Sunset Stripped. A fine reprise that has since found a permanent place in the band's setlist. The driving-single, the massive size 11.5 ass-kicking muscle-machine "You Could Be Mine" was released in conjunction with 1991's Summer Schwarzenegger blockbuster Terminator II ...another from beyond match made in hell.

An unlikely industry-event, as two full-length records were simultaneously released on the same day. 30 songs in a jam-packed 2 and a half hour's worth of rawknroll. Expectations were sky-high, as the Appetite For Destruction LP had already surpassed the 8 million units sold in the USA. Thru time, both Use Your Illusion CDs ended up RIAA-certified 7x Platinum, each. At press-time, Appetite stands above the staggering 18 million US threshold. Million dollars worth of promo-videos and day-time press-coverage resulted in strong sales-figure, but little did they knew, the entire hardrock-scene was about to get thrown under the bus in a couple of weeks time.

Worshipped by the bikers and hated by the authorities, wanted dead or alive in 1992, GUNS N' ROSES were the world's biggest and most dangerous rock band. Sex, drugs and hard-rocknroll to the fullest extend, which includes riots and plenty of property-damage were part of the daily job. Tagging along the other biggest now rock band in the world METALLICA, the Summer 1992 US/CAN Stadium-Tour is a lesson in extreme cock-size and attitude.

Sadly, the Illusion-era would also mark the end of the classic GNR-signature as egos, trademarks and a decade-and-a-half long fiasco would decimate the world's greatest hardrock band into almost oblivion. Changes, many, many, many, many, many changes would occur before the next Slash-less and Duff-less studio full-length offering ...the all too millennium-esque: 2008's Chinese Democracy.

Hasta La Vista, Baby !

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November Rain = video
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