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May 31, 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

"PRIEST is the best, man" - the DC101 guy.

Hardrock and heavymetal in the 80s, encapsulated in 17minutes ...yep it's that simple. Mix some hard-rocknroll, some testosteroned teenagers, some dislike for newwave and pop, some (alot of) alcohol and the Reaganomics of the decade ...and you get rocknroll hell, in your local arena parking-lot.

Filmed before a JUDAS PRIEST show during their commercial monster 1986 Turbo / Fuel For Life tour at the Capital Center in Maryland, two amateur film-makers risked their lives ...and made history.

Real fans just being real fans. Tail-gaiting, wearing torn shirts and screaming and yelling between muscle-cars with deadly classic 80s mullets. Some living on the edge, some being more philosophical about life itself, but all aimed at having a good time. Total underground and total bootleg, this now cult-classic is a required viewing, along the other rockumentary, the immortal: This Is SPINAL TAP.

But wait there's more then mere drunken dudes. A clear cut is noticeable. From the older late 70s fans, to the current band-wagon fans, all the way to the next-school-bubbling-under-the-surface fans. Their favorite new band: METALLICA. Remember that Master Of Puppets had just been released less then 3 months ago.

If you enjoy hardrock, you've gotta meet their fans: here's David, Graham, the Hell Yeah girl, the Kill 'Em All guy, the Dokken chick, the Glenn Tipton fan-girls and the iconic Zebra boy !

The decline of western civilization is right here right now. The ultimate heavymetal-yearbook, fan-made style kicking ass and taking names. The hardcore teenage life in America in the decadent 80s ...encapsulated in 17minutes.

"I don't really give a shit about that kind of punk fuck" - the Zebra boy.

RIP Timmy (19XX-1986)

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