August 21, 1989 - 2019: 30 years of: Conspiracy.

All hail The King !

As if being a divine force behind the trendsetting satanic MERCYFUL FATE wasn't worthy enough, the heavymetal actor/poet, the immortal King Diamond also possesses an impressive run in the solo-artist department.

After breaking the Oath, the full Portrait was set in 1986 and two back-to-back classics saw the light of night: 1987's Abigail and 1988's trailblazing Them LP. The plot continues and things would get uglier with 1989's tour-de-force: Conspiracy ! Concept album, theatrical-rock and heavymetal onslaught, album number four is the King's ultimate legacy and signature.

The sequel opens-up with the grandiose "At The Graves" where King's vocals reaches a whole new plateau of metallic excellency. The ultra heavy pounding "Lies" takes us one step closer to the purgatory, while the monumental melo-dramatic dynamic changes in "The Wedding Dream" displays another twisted face of the band.

The album closes with the gloom and doom epic instrumental "Cremation" where riffs and bell-chimes proves to be a haunting deadly mix. The LP's signature track remains the midnight calling of "Sleepless Nights" and features once again, fogy atmospheres, blistering lead-guitar meltdowns and glass-shattering vocals.

1989 is a very special year in the hardrock / heavymetal realm, as most bands where at there creative peak, just before falling into generic or watered-down musicianship. Conspiracy is the pinnacle in King Diamond's story-telling illustrious solo-career ...the perfect balance between, operatic, melodic, horrific and traditional metal.

Devilish Danish born Kim Petersen was/is/and shall forever be an iconic heavymetal singer and leader in two of the world's most respected heavymetal bands.

Sleepless Nights - video
Interview in 1989
Live in Houston in 1989


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