1987 - Abigail.
1988 - Them.
1989 - Conspiracy.
way more Helter Skelter.

June 15, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: Abigail.

The metal-monarchy is strong here !

After the initial merciful fate of 1986 Fatal Portrait solo-debut LP, the game got uglier. In a sea of thrashmetal and hardrock bands from both sides of the Atlantic, KING DIAMOND, the original King of the extremes would bring to the heavymetal table: the concept-LP, Abigail.


The "Arrival" ...the congregation of greater heavymetal, featuring flaming finger furies from both Michael Denner and Andy LaRocque, the bar is set sky-high. The thrashy "Omens" brings more crunch, along the heavy-pounder "The Possession" while the title-track "Abigail" is a full-blown 360º melodic-metal rollercoaster.

Classic Eurometal takes the reigns, all the way from dark 1845 as we gather in "A Mansion In Darkness". And with more out-of-this-mortal-world sky-high vocals, the artsy MTV video-cut for "A Familly Ghost" once again sets this band in a class on their own, second to none horror powermetal.

The ritual has begun, superior musicianship from every department. KING DIAMOND and his faithful minions are on the prowl, that gloomy cloud over the heavymetal scene. No city street-clothes allowed, neo-romantic flair and pentagrams mandatory ...this post-MERCYFUL FATE adventure breathes and breeds: Satanic Heavy-Metal.

This dark unique unit shall return with another top-shelf release, 1988's Them LP.

The Familly Ghost = video
Abigail = full LP
Interview in 1987
Live Abigail In Concert 1987
Live in San Francisco in 1987

June 20, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: Them.

Come to the old house tonight...

The return of the Almighty One, the genesis of horrific powermetal. Still at the pole-position in the sublime department, our beloved KING DIAMOND now expends the story-telling ...into a bloody hellraiser.

The "Out From The Asylum" intro chills the room to fear, as we enter the hall and "Welcome Home". Majestic-metal and from beyond ghostly power explodes on full 360º. The raw riffing continues on "The Invisible Guests" and the forever familly farewell of "Bye, Bye Missy."

The classical-interlude of "Them" gives a moment of clarity, while the hammering of "Twilight Symphony" is another stellar exhibition. Thrashmetal flair is clearly present on "Mother's Getting Weaker", again bursting-out with neo-classical guitar-leads, yes ...cutting-edge Eurometal is alive and well.

Grandma is still alive and well.

Hot hybrid between NWOBHM-lines and American production esthetics, this third now legendary installment of the KING DIAMOND band, acts like gate-keepers in this struggling genre. The unholy KING would bring us more presents next Christmas: 1989's Conspiracy LP.

"Oh I hate that BITCH !!!"

Welcome Home = video
Them = full LP
Interview in 1988
Line in Houston in 1988
some band

August 21, 1989 - 2019: 30 years of: Conspiracy.

All hail The King !

As if being a divine force behind the trendsetting satanic MERCYFUL FATE wasn't worthy enough, the heavymetal poet, the immortal King Diamond also possesses an impressive run in the solo-artist department.

After breaking the Oath, the full Portrait was set in 1986 and two back-to-back classics saw the light of night: 1987's Abigail and 1988's trailblazing Them LP. The plot continues and things would get darker with 1989's tour-de-force: Conspiracy ! Concept album, theatrical-rock and heavymetal onslaught, album number four is the King's ultimate legacy and signature.

The sequel opens-up with the grandiose "At The Graves" where King's vocals reaches a whole new plateau of metallic excellency. The ultra heavy "Lies" takes us one step closer to the purgatory, while the monumental melo-dramatic dynamic changes in "The Wedding Dream" displays another twisted face of the band.

The album closes with the doom epic instrumental "Cremation" where riffs and bell-chimes proves to be a haunting deadly mix. The LP's signature track remains the midnight calling of "Sleepless Nights" and features once again, fogy atmospheres, blistering lead-guitar meltdowns and glass-shattering vocals.

1989 is a very special year in the hardrock / heavymetal realm, as most bands where at there creative peak, just before falling into generic or watered-down musicianship. Conspiracy is the pinnacle in KING DIAMOND's story-telling illustrious career ...the perfect balance between, operatic, melodic, horrific and traditional metal.

Devilish Danish born Kim Petersen was/is/and shall forever be an iconic heavymetal singer and leader in two of the world's most respected heavymetal bands.

Sleepless Nights = video
Conspiracy = full LP
Interview in 1989
Live in Houston in 1989



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