1983 - With Sympathy.
1988 - The Land Of Rape And Honey.
1992 - Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs.
way more Helter Skelter.

May 10, 1983 - 2023: 40 years of: With Sympathy.

Welcome to the old ministry !

Caught in a sea of hairspray and sport-jackets, no not Miami Vice, but actual pretty newwave androgynous pop-icons from both shores of the Atlantic. Chicago's MINISTRY would take their best shot at the current gold. This is the Al, Al doesn't want you to hear.

The bubblegum-burst of "Effigy (I'm Not An)" strikes on cue. Hot synths and lite guitars on danceable percussions ...this could've been a Studio 54 worthy-cut. A rougher vibe makes a cameo-appearance on "Here We Go" and the driving space-pop of "Work For Love" is all glam and glitter ...and somewhat gloom.

The cheese-factor is strong on "I Wanted To Tell Her" and the bloody romantic red-roses of "Revenge", while an ultra exotic-vibe hijacks the sunny cut "What He Say".

Released in Europe with the Work For Love LP-title, Arista Records had huge goals for this simple unit. Albeit a respectable success, the relation turned sour and Mister Jourgensen walked away. From newwave to darkwave to UK post-punk to gothicrock ...the synth-pop signature was about to get severely trashed.

Regrouping and taking a sharp 90º twist-turn, the then disco beats shall get deadlier and darker with 1986's career spearing Twitch LP.

Welcome to the new ministry !

Revenge = video
Work For Love = video
With Sympathy = full LP
Live in Minneapolis in 1983

October 11, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: The Land Of Rape And Honey.

Get twitched !

The updated MINISTRY machine was on a roll. After the mechanical tune-up of 1986's Twitch LP, the voltage was boosted and the wattage-output set to fuck-off. Welcome to this lovely shop of horrors.

The cacophony kicks-off with the hyperactive "Stigmata". Metal-guitars and machine-gun programmed drumming, this endless chaos gives no pity, as the mosh-metal "The Missing" and buzzsaw samples of "I Prefer" distort everything above sea-level.

Slowing the pace for "The Land Of Rape And Honey", a scratch / noise ridden cut, while the back-alley vibe of "Destruction" would send chills, to even the most automated of us. The hypnotic beat of "You Know Who You Are" is a sure-shot dark-disco overkill.

Ground Zero for industrial-metal, the crossover The Land Of Rape And Honey LP would plant the underground with the seeds that would eventually bloom into a full fledge supply-chains of heaviness ...oh and welcome aboard bassist and colleague-in-chaos: Paul Barker.

Currently RIAA-certified Gold, the sweet honey taste was about to sour-up with 1989's The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste LP.

Stigmata = video
The Land Of Rape And Honey = video
The Land Of Rape And Honey = full LP
Live in Toronto in 1988
City Of Tisdale

July 14, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs.

Ground Zero for industrial-metal.

This is it ...and it happened in 1992. An era where on one end, METALLICA and MEGADETH would break the boundaries of arena-thrash and on the other, new streetmetallers BODY COUNT and WHITE ZOMBIE were dictating a new set of rules. And on the 7th Day ...the electrified MINISTRY constructed: industrial-metal.

The initial contact is pure nitroglycerin. Three letters that didn't meant much back in 1992, but have since taken a life of it's own. "N.W.O." is a signature-track of the early 90s: part-thrashmetal, part-industrial, all organized rebellious chaos. This repetitive hammer destroys trends and creates new ones. Thanks for the cue Mr. Bush. The apocalyptic machine keeps on pumping hot-steam with "TV II" and the gigantic religious metal-gathering title-track of "Psalm 69".

The leading MTV-single rockabilly-vibed "Jesus Built My Hotrod" features BUTTHOLE SURFERS frontmen Gibby Haynes on vocals. Raw, rough and relentless, this new-metal attack hits all nerves. The other lethal metal-monster and signature-cut is found on the compelling "Just One Fix" game-changer. Ravaging metal-riff and destructive drum-beats, the horse-power meter hits eleven.

After 1989's The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste LP, the overdrive got into distortion and the addiction got into the streets. This is one ministry no one can walk away from, the scene was now under their influence.

In a post-Rodney King era, tearing up the Lollapalooza stages across America in humid Summer 1992, MINISTRY were now the new standard in extreme. Internally the band was a mess, but above all, Psalm 69 spearheaded a new genre: industrial-metal. RIAA-certified Platinum, more killings would occur with 1996's Filth Pig CD.

"Give me that thorazine !!!"

N.W.O. = video
Just One Fix = video
Jesus Built My Hotrod = video
Psalm 69 = full CD
Interview in New-York in 1992
Live in San Francisco in 1992


Alternative-Metal 1992

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