1997 - Primal Fear.
1999 - Jaws Of Death.
2002 - Black Sun.
2004 - Devil's Ground.
way more Helter Skelter.

December 17, 1997 - 2022: 25 years of: Primal Fear.

The second Painkiller.

The German Metal Commandos strikes at midnight. More power and more metal, in this vile hostile late 90s environment. After the deathmetal wave and the blackmetal wave, the true roots of Euro-heavymetal shines through darkness and slice like a switchblade.

SINNER main-madman Mat Sinner and riff-master Tom Naumann, tags along the ultimate screamer. In line to fill-in the singer-less JUDAS PRIEST of late-1996, ex-GAMMA RAY's Ralf Scheepers is the new Metal God in charge.

The chains are instantly broken as the battering ram of "Chainbreaker" blasts-out. More power and more metal then most metals. The lethal metal-harmonies continues on "Promised Land" and the thunder and lightning hellion of "Thunderdome". Scheepers revs-up the V12 tire-burning of "Formula One", while the DEEP PURPLE iconic "Speedking" gets electrified to unimaginable heights. Our heavymetal platoon enters enemy-lines on the power-punch of "Battalions Of Hate".

Making history on this debut CD, the hardrock powerballad "Tears Of Rage" is a 6:48sec melting metallic maelstrom of mean maniacal melodies. Epic at first sight, most bands from the competition takes many years of craft to achieve such strength and finesse, in a single-track, PRIMAL FEAR steals the show with one Royal Flush.

An added bonus, notable guest on selected lead-guitars: Mister Kai Hansen from HELLOWEEN-fame.

It all started in Germany in the early 80s and we now come back full circle in Germany in the late 90s. The Primal Fear CD was released in Japan in December 1997 and worldwide in early 1998, this event kickstarted the revamped modern heavymetal signature ...this new entity has a name: Power-Metal.

This lovely violence and force would attack again with 1999's face-biting, wing-spreading and metal disciple worshipping Jaws Of Death CD.

Primal Fear = full CD
Live in Athens in 1998
Live at Wacken in 1998

June 10, 1999 - 2024: 25 years of: Jaws Of Death.

Flying high again.

Round Two and this second assault disregards any warning-shots. 1997's panzer Primal Fear CD left us all in awe, PRIMAL FEAR's fangs now crushes the competition, into it's jaws of death.

They are screaming for vengeance, as the "Final Embrace" is upon us. This era is doomed and Eurometal is the cure. Strong riffing, strong hooks and the strongest alloy known to man: Power-Metal. A full fledge war is declared as we head "Into The Future" and the metal-monopoly is real as the band is ready to "Play To Kill".

Steel-bending heat is poured as we "Save A Prayer", while the winged-warrior tames the powerballad format with the organ-introed mastodon "Under Your Spell". Rolling down the highway at 99mph, the RPM under the hood "Fight To Survive, as rockers and bikers all gather at the "Church Of Blood" ...1999's coolest track !

Powermetal's true heart and soul, PRIMAL FEAR's confidence cements the scene and head into the new millennium with pride, passion and power displayed with 2001's Nuclear Fire CD.

Jaws Of Death = full CD
Live in Germany in 1999

April 24, 2002 - 2022: 20 years of: Black Sun.

The black silver eagles are back.

Flying above our stratosphere, it's mission is clear: conquer new worlds. Germany's powermetal export's forth release is fueled by nuclear fire. Loaded with high-gain amps and top-production, in this edgy metal-millennium: PRIMAL FEAR are leaders of this new metal-generation.

Metal eagles flying side-by-side towards the "Black Sun", bringing more power and more metal then actual steel. The molten lava keeps on pouring on "Armageddon" and the riff-raff speed of "Controlled".

The arena-rock flair of "Revolution" is a gigantic stomper, while the thrash commanding of "Mind Machine" and the strength beyond strength horse-power of "Fear" is enough for supply a small city.

In a long-line of fine Germanic clockwork machinery, PRIMAL FEAR's attack and modern take on classic Eurometal signature tricks is the engine that pushed the genre into this early 2000 rebirth. Y2K survivors, the roar shall bite again soon on 2004's forever-metal Devil's Ground CD.

Armageddon = video
Black Sun = full CD
Live in 2002
some guy

February 23, 2004 - 2024: 20 years of: Devil's Ground.


Steering away from the endless Cosmos, the squadron lands back home in the decaying cities ...right here on the Devil's ground. Following the astral conquer of 2002's Black Sun CD, the metallians of PRIMAL FEAR rides on the wind of powermetal's dominance.

The opening scream of "Metal Is Forever" is the adrenaline we need, to push real heavymetal across these lands. Powermetal in a rebel-rock presentation, teen aggression is alive and well. Right into the decimating downstrokes of "Suicide And Mania" and into the "Sea Of Flames". No prisoners, just lifeless bodies.

Speedmetal riffing and speedmetal drumming bursts out on both "Sacred Illusion" and "Soul Chaser", while diametrically, "The Healer" provides us with an epic 6:40sec powerballad. The bonus BLACK SABBATH classic "Die Young" gets a millennium revival and the arenarock anthem "In Metal" keeps the hall in the 100 degree zone.

Welcome back guitarist Tom Naumann and welcome aboard Canadian stick-trick monster: Randy Black. This energized crew shall hit again with 2005's Seven Seals CD.

Metal Is Forever = video
The Healer = video
Devil's Ground = full CD
Live in Brazil in 2004



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