September 26, 1996 - 2021: 25 years of: Judgement Day.

High-octane German heavymetal.

Hardrockin' since 1982, the birth of arena-rock and the later golden-age of rough attitude. The turn of the 90s and rise of alternative-rock never bothered vocalist and bassist Matt and his SINNERs as 1995's low-end high-gain rock Bottom Line CD upgraded the band, with heavier stamina.

Pride, power and precision as the instrumental intro "Smoke & Mirror" rings aloud, this is your only warning-shot. Fast as a shark, the overdriven guitars, the double-bassdrums and 150% rock/metal attitude of "Used To The Truth" sets in like a wild-hog.

More rebel-rock explode on the organic "Blue Tattoo", "Jump The Gun" and the power-chords of the AC/DC-ish of "School Of Hard Knocks". Raw and rabid "Deathwalker" takes no prisoners while the crunchier/heavier "Troublemaker" finishes any left-over renegades.

More lovely venom is injected on the monumental epic-rock "Judgement Day", an 8:51sec crystal-pure mid-pace adventure that deserves worldwide stage appreciation.

Euro-metal from head-to-toe, their 10th record after many label-changes and hardcore-only underground appreciation, sadly their catalog remains unknown to the American-market. Way behind the commercial onslaught of SCORPIONS and metal-fame of ACCEPT ...SINNER is truly Deutschland's forgotten heritage.

By the late-90s within the breeding powermetal revival all based on JUDAS PRIEST's 1990 trendsetting Painkiller record, 1997 saw the launch of Matt's new fully energized steamroller: the ex-GAMMA RAY Ralph Scheepers fronted razor-sharp attack of metal-commandos PRIMAL FEAR.

Time for another touch of sin !

Used To The Truth = video
Judgement Day = full CD


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