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September 4, 1973 - 2023: 50 years of: Queen.

England's legacy: from counterculture to rocknroll royalty.

When hardrock stands-up and faces the trends. Less glam than SWEET and as hard as FREE, in a post-BEATLES and pre-punk era, America had their Kings in AEROSMITH ...and now Great-Britain had their QUEEN.

Ain't no communication breakdown, as "Keep Yourself Alive" rattles the scene with grandiose rough-rock ...a Brian May signature. The dreamy "Doing All Right" first half is a ethereal ride that explodes with bursts of heavyrock and diametrically "My Fairy King"s piano-driven would be the foundation for this career-long rhapsody ...a Freddie Mercury signature.

Heavymetal before heavymetal was heavymetal makes an appearance on "Liar" and the ultra-crunch stampede of "Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll". Caught doing their best BLUE CHEER doom vibe heaviness on "Son And Daughter" ...this Queen is the real iron maiden.

Fully self-financed by the band and recorded in Summer '72, they finally found a deal with EMI Records who released the RIAA-certified Gold LP ...whilst the band was already deep in writing / production for 1974's upcoming Queen II LP.

A kind of magic, inside the United Kingdom, in a long line of rockers, the united forces of LED ZEPPELIN, UFO, DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP and THE WHO, would dictate the pace for hardrock and arenarock crowd-gathering musical-majesty. From the bold British monarchy comes rocknroll royalty ...QUEEN wants it all !

Keep Yourself Alive = video
Liar = video
Queen = full LP
Live in London in 1973

November 1, 1977 - 2022: 45 years of: News Of The World.

Now they were the biggest band in the world.

Following the hot rock success of 1976's A Day At The Races LP, the eclectic QUEEN were on the verge of superstardom. Using the same writing-pattern, a supercharged rock Stonehenge was about to be released on the World ...have you heard the news ?

Primal and ritualistic, the decibels goes decadent. The simplest and the best renown rock track. This anthem unites people and generations all under the sign of proudness and rebelliousness. Pointing fingers and yelling it out loud "We Will Rock You" could possibly be the greatest rock song ever, by any band. Thank you Gentleman.

Second cut, second universal hit. A now sports-arena event heard around the globe, the suave power and might of "We Are The Champions" rings aloud. Not mere competitors, we are the champions, QUEEN are the champions ...of the world. God-like epicness is an understatement.

Cranked to eleven, the metal-elements makes a cameo, will you survive this "Sheer Heart Attack" ? This stone cold crazy tire-burning madness leaves no-one indifferent. John Deacon's overdriven bass and pure fury grips on cue as "Fight From The Inside" swallow the audience for an amazing ride and on the other side of the spectrum, the funky counterpart off-set Roger Taylor drum patterns of "Get Down, Make Love" commands with lethal, lust filled authority. Yes more.

Sit down, take a deep breath and enjoy Brian May's beautiful vocal / piano serenade of "All Dead, All Dead", while Freddie Mercury bring us home with the build-up rock of "Spread Your Wings" and his vocal acrobatics of "Who Needs You".

All killers - no fillers !
QUEEN are the Kings of rocknroll !

Sitting on their marble solid throne, the world was a better place with QUEEN by our side and News Of The World in our stereo. RIAA-certified 4x Platinum and beyond, rapidly Earth got a taste of top-class British Royalty. The band would tend towards more sights and sounds with 1978's colorful Jazz experimentation LP.

"...no time for losers, cause we are the champions ...of the world !"

RIP Freddie Mercury (1946-1991)

We Will Rock You = video
We Are The Champions = video
Spread Your Wings = video
News Of The World = full LP
Interview in Australia in 1978
Live in Houston in 1977

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