1983 - All For One.
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August 1983 - 2023: 40 years of: All For One.

When heavymetal becomes a sport.

England again, pushing everything to the threshold of pain. Third LP, third round, third knock-out ...stand up and get ready: more of everything. RAVEN decimates with pride, passion and power ...time for some: Athletic-Rock !

Red blooded hard-stuff oozes out of the P.A., as they "Take Control". Ripping guitars, loud bass thumps, screeching vocals and high-energy drums ...turning down is not an option. With a clenched fist, raw-rock abound on "Mind Over Metal", "Break The Chain" and the devastating Hammer Of The Gods punch of "Sledgehammer Rock".

Rabid and relentless, the muscle title-track for "All For One" is a huge crowd gathering metal-mass, 1983's best you-haven't-heard cut. Rockin' until they drop, both fast sharp-shooters "Hung, Drawn & Quartered" and "Seek & Destroy" are not only mosh-inviting, but limit-flexin' to the edge.

Following 1982's Wiped Out LP, the ironbound brothers of John and Mark Gallagher, along wacko! drummer Rob Hunter would galvanize with hyper-active heavymetal. Blueprint for to-become thrashmetal, All For One is ahead of the pack and one of NWOBHM's most celebrated crowning achievement. Diametrically also one of the last, since by 1983, the Americanization of Eurometal was almost fully complete.

On tour in the US, the trio brought street and arrogance along, in the form of a new screaming insanities quatro: METALLICA. Sadly, after signing with major-label Atlantic Records, the unique crude-signature was pushed aside, in flavor for a more arenarock sound: 1985's cheese-fest Stay Hard LP.

All For One = full LP
Live At The Inferno = full LP

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