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July 7, 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Eat 'Em And Smile.

Q: Who in the world could possibly kick VAN HALEN's ass ?
A: It's very own Diamond Dave ...and friends !

You think you know outta party ? You think KISS, MÖTLEY, GNR and AEROSMITH had a good time ? ...think again cuz here comes the grand daddy of them all, Mister Showbusiness himself, the self proclaimed "Toastmaster General Of The Immoral Majority" ...the outrageous, lovable and always entertaining: Diamond David Lee Roth !!!

After a stint with 1985's Crazy From The Heat EP featuring the all-American classic "California Girls" reprise, the solo-project became a full-on 360° solo-career ...from Platinum-selling rocker, to radio-show host to martial-art expert, to auto-biography author, to worldwide traveler, to certified New-York EMT ...oh and he also happen to be the frontman for VAN HALEN !

The funniest music video, ever: All Dave, all nite, right here on Dave TV

During the unprecedented height of VAN HALEN's mighty success, in one of the most documented rocknroll-feud in humanity, David Lee jumped out the picture into another set in late 1985. Summer 86's Eat' Em And Smile LP is the ultimate hardrock album and the ROTH-band is the ultimate gang of hoodlums your mama warned you about ! From big-band swing to hard-rock, Eat' Em And Smile is a full party, lyrically, musically and visually. The fun and exuberance of the 80s generation is shoe-horned into the 31-ass-kickin' minutes displayed within, in all of Dave's fun and exuberance, signature and style ...and he brought some new friends along.

On paper, on-stage and back-stage ...the ROTH-band is one of the world's first all-star hardrock band ...needless to say, when David Lee Roth calls, you listen !

On bass:
TALAS's 4-stringer that would later claim international success with Mr. BIG: Mister Billy Sheehan.
On drums:
Jazz vibe-boy and to-become the to-go guy for SATRIANI, TOTO and SANTANA: Mister Gregg Bissonette.
On guitar:
ZAPPA-certified, fresh out of ALCATRAZZ and to-be in WHITESNAKE, the flexable: Mister Steve Vai.

...and asses were kicked !

"Here's the National Anthem" Dave shouts in "Yankee Rose". The hard rocknroll, NY-themed and MTV favorite, opening track. Let's get crazy on "Goin' Crazy" a little keyboard-line never hurt as a driving rhythm-track while the addictive foot-stomping "I'm Easy" heats-up the party a little more. The mid 60s classic blues-rock "Tobacco Road" gets a B12-shot of pure lethal Roth energy and things get bigger and faster with the speedmetal inspired "Elephant Gun" ...a blazing track where Sheehan's finger-plucking goes 100mph, Bissonette gallops to a frenetic beat and Vai's majestic fret-work gives the lead-guitar a facelift.

Eddie Van-who ?

The album peaks with the firework explosions of "Shyboy" the epitome of Sunset Strip musicianship and whammy-bar dives. Full double-bassdrum beat with duo bass and guitar trade-off solos. A song still today considered as one of the hardest hardrock number to pull-off by any rock musician. A sight of relief, as the record closes with a happy-ending, the traditional Frank Sinatra classic "That's Life"

Dave did it, he did it his way and as time flew by, every other VAN HAGAR release would be compared / matched / surpassed by a DLR release. He even went the xtra mile as in recording a special version of the LP in full Spanish, cuz ya know: Dave is the people's frontman !

During the next 20 years, David would team with other key rock-players like: Jason Becker, Steve Hunter, Joe Holmes, Ray Luzier, James LoMenzo and John 5 ...until the inevitable reunion of 2007. It all really started in 1978, yet 1986's Eat' Em And Smile gave wings to the flamboyant showman that is the ultimate hardrock frontman, the eclectic and trailblazing: Diamond David Lee Roth !!!

Give me a bottle o' anything and a glazed donut ...TO GO :)

Yankee Rose = the most colorful video, ever
Eat 'Em And Smile = full LP
Interview in 1986
Larry King interview in 1986
Live in Montreal in 1986
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January 15, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: A Little Ain't Enough.

The greatest frontman in the world: David Lee Roth.

Diamond Dave doesn't throw parties ...he IS the party ! Here it is: Roth, Becker and Rock, the hardrocknroll-trifecta. Blessed by the guitar Gods, Dave started with EVH, then hired Steve Vai and now the cacophonous Jason Becker was in charge. On tape, Becker's leads are the new standard, but sadly the A.L.S. disease prevented him to tour and follow the Roth-freightrain.

Produced by heavyweight Bob Rock, the album is a solid hardrock testament, one of the last from the Sunset Strip scene, as the end of 1991 would split the crowds into new alternatives.

The party starts now ! The high octane title-track "A Little Ain't Enough" round-house kicks the competition into oblivion, no contest. Same with track #2 in "Shoot It", where DLR shows that he's the ultimate rocknroll MC.

The surf inspired "Hammerhead Shark" is smooth as silk and takes a bite outta yer sorry ass and chews you alive ...oh you ate one too ? The Manhattan-swing of "Tell The Truth" and "Sensible Shoes" proudly displays another side of the colorful-frontman. The red-blooded "Last Call" and the explosive "It's Showtime !" is a fast cut reminiscent of the almighty 1986 eruption: "Shyboy"

And now the race. You've all heard about the extensive DLR / VH - he said / she said rocknroll feud, but now the gloves come off. Both bands always released an album in the same calendar-year, and now, the Toastmaster General Of The Immoral Majority was, once again, at the pole-position, with an all-time high album. But fear not, as the brothers would strike back this comming June, with a very simple common four-letter word.

Look at all the people here tonite !

A Little Ain't Enough = video
Sensible Shoes = video
A Little Ain't Enough = full CD
Interview from Hard N Heavy VHS
Interview on MuchMusic in 1991
Live in Florida in 1991

June 9, 1998 - 2023: 25 years of: DLR Band.

A harder, edgier Toastmaster General.

After the ultra-hyped 1996 one-night-only original VH reunion, rocknroll's loudest Maître D' said the hell with the brothers and quickly went back to work. Matching the current rock-landscape, the Almighty One would metalize rocknroll, or rocknroll metal, with his filthy little mouth it or not, any way you slice it: David Lee Roth is here.

Full speed ahead as "Slam Dunk !" kick all asses aside, a killer-cut, blessed with 1998's best lyric-set: "So let the good times roll, my game is better than ever, winners they come and go, legends ...they're forever."

More grit and high-gain as "Blacklight" and "Counter-Blast" distort the senses into submission. The amps are fine-tuned to the brown-sound on the unchained "King Of The Hill" while the quick jab of "Relentless" gives a new twist to the then current nümetal flavor. The Diamond One still brings the kink-factor into the bedroom, as exhibited on "Lose The Dress (Keep The Shoes)" and the fantasy of "Weekend With The Babysitter". C'mon Dave, give us a break !

Those to blame are as follow:
David Lee, John Lowery on guitars / bass and Ray Luzier on drums ...David-Lowery-Ray they are the DLR Band. Extra hands includes Terry Kilgore on guitars and Bob Marlette behind the glass.

A fresh take for the muthercockin Hard-Rock God as this raw and fearlessly crunchy release, displays a healthy frontmen, fully loaded and ready for the late 90s.

Following the rock-circus, Dave would become a New-York City EMT, yep that's one 911 in-house event you're never gonna forget. In 2002, the unthinkable happened: The Heavyweight Champs Of Rocknroll Tour, as DLR paired with no other than the now ex-VH singer Sammy Hagar for a controversial US Tour of fun and hits. Roth's eventual return to disc would be with 2003's Diamond Dave party CD.


DLR Band = full CD
Live in Finland in 1999

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