March 26, 1980 - 2020: 40 years of: Women And Children First.

Everybody wants some !!!

Evolution thru eruption, the explosive VAN HALEN was rewriting the rocknroll rules, one riff at a time. After their volcanic self-titled debut LP, the boys were on fire and danced the night away, to become the One: the band all other bands feared. Here is the missing link between the pop rocknroll hooks of 1979's VH II and the dark brown-sound tones of 1981's Fair Warning LP.

Step aside, 1980's Women And Children First is the turning-point were the mighty VAN HALEN became the unstoppable American hardrock-machine for decades to come. Not much experimentation here, as they fused these on the Diver Down LP, this album is pure red-blooded hard rocknroll !

The flanging guitar-effect of "And The Cradle Will Rock" kicks the party into high gear. Sing-along chorus supported by heavy rhythms and David Lee Roth's daily rants. Where the VH I LP had the John Brim cover in "Ice Cream Man", we now get the fully original answer in "Take Your Whiskey Home". The slick flamenco guitar intro leads us into a sick rock-number.

The bluesy opening on "Fools" tip-toes around and then the monstrous distorted riff punches away with the bass pounding like a jack-hammer. Heavymetal riffing applied into hardrock patterns. Lethal and effective !

Effectiveness comes into a blazing inferno on the speedmetal cut "Romeo Delight" ...the thrashiest VAN HALEN track ever. A full-on down-picking fret-burnin' speedmetal riff, two years before METALLICA was even a band. One of the heaviest and fastest track by a hardrock band at that point in time. Addicted to adrenaline !

Rev-up, crash and burn by a "Loss Of Control". Another speedmetal-themed piece by the Sunset Strip bad boys. Fast staccato riffing and incendiary lead work by the master of six-string himself, Mr. Eddie Van Halen. Dirty high-octane rock !

The pièce-de-résistance is the little known fact that "Everybody Wants Some". Kinky and raunchy lyric-wise, primal and crowd-gathering chorus-wise. The viscosity lever is high in the tone-department.

It is well documented that Edward Van Halen changed the electric-guitar, just like the maestro Jimi Hendrix did in the late-60s. Women And Children First is a tried and true living and breathing fact to this. Radio-hostile, yet RIAA-certified 3 times+ Platinum, it is the first step in the band getting more gain and heaviness, while still keeping their rebel-rock roots intact.

The electrifying VAN HALEN / David Lee Roth era, hardrock's most cherished musical legacy.

I want some too !!!

Full LP
Eddie audio interview in 1980
German TV lip-sync in 1980
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VAN FUCKIN' HALEN in 1981 !!!

The soon-to-become megastars were hot hot hot and still rewriting the great book of rocknroll, pushing and shoving to new heights.

After "Eruption" and before the million-dollar US-Fest, VAN HALEN were locked and loaded and didn't really gave us a fair warning of what was to come. When guitar-players around the globe though Eddie couldn't get any better, innovative and mind-blowing comes the maelstrom of "Mean Street"

But the slap-bass-played-on-guitar intro didn't stop there, as the opening track simply and firmly thrusts you into rock oblivion. The dirty groves of "Dirty Movies", the hip swing of "Sinner's Swing", all the way to the explosive low-end rhythm of "So This Is Love ?" to the eerie synthesizer vibes of the dark split of "Sunday Afternoon In The Park + One Foot Out The Door" ...this underrated gem is truly VAN HALEN's most underrated gem.

...and you gotta be fuckin' deaf not to think that "Unchained" is not one of the world's greatest hardrock songs !

C'mon Dave give us a break !




June 17, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

F.U.C.K.I.T. !

After the legendary split, VAN HALEN and Sammy aimed and conquered new grounds: run of the mill, lite-FM, family-safe, mullet rocknroll. Gone were the 10-finger shredding and scandalous party attitude. Yet after the over-synthed 1988 OU812-era, the brothers got heavier again. And by heavier we mean: fuller meatier guitar tone, louder headroom drums, edgier writing and less of the aforementioned keyboards.

This is not a drill !

After the revving of Eddie's favorite rotary-tool, watch out as this is a hard construction-zone. Have a slice of this "Poundcake". There's loud and there's VH loud. Pick-slide intro, metal-riffing, Edward's molten-lava leads and Alex's beloved god-like Ludwig kit. Check out one of the coolest video of the era: power-drills, pretty girls and VAN HALEN.

Audition here:

More kink is brought to the table: get rocknrolled "Spanked", hammer it "In N' Out", locked inside this "Pleasure Dome". Yeah baby, serious hardrocknroll, that makes ya feel on "Top Of The World"!

Time for the final call, the "Judgment Day". A downstroke thrashmetal riff that drives deep into the night, while the rockers goes into overdrive. The mighty EVH is back on track, a "Man On A Mission" as he shreds is way back into the game, like he initially did in 1978.

The not a powerballad, but the powerballad-y "Right Now" is a now signature synonymous of the early 90s. Piano back-boned, along another classic-Ed hot fret-work. Play loud as VAN HALEN are once again a contender in the game !

RIAA-certified 3x Platinum within the recession of the early decade, is a testament to the top-rock quality included inside ...and welcome back behind the desk: Ted Templeman.

This release also coronate the birth of the iconic 5150 amp. From loud to louder, for EVH more is more. At that point in time, guitar amps have been crunchy and relentless, but Eddie had louder ideas. Partnered with Peavey Amplification, this new super-driven 120W super-amp super quickly became the new benchmark in hardrock and heavymetal amplifiers. From ALICE IN CHAINS to ZYKLON, this new monster has, just like EVH himself, revolutionized guitar amp-manufacturing.

RIP Edward Lodewijk Van Halen (1955-2020)

Poundcake = video
Runaround = video
Right Now = video
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge = full CD
Interview in 1991
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Live Right Here, Right Now VHS
Live in the streets of Dallas in 1991


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