May 21, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Slave To The Grind.

Turn on the TV coz I got nowhere to go !!!

A vulgar display of power, from hardrock's most metal hardrock-band. Rebellious, raw and restless, these New Jersey boys are youth gone wild. Their immortal debut 1989 Skid Row LP raised the bar, changed the game and sold so much records, that there's nowhere else to go but repeat.

Part of the last wave of American-rock, the 1990-91 era, where some rock-gangs got heavier. Think SAIGON KICK, LOVE/HATE, FIREHOUSE, Canadian bad-boys SLIK TOXIK and the new kids from the wrong-side of the track: SKID ROW.

The slick opener of "Monkey Business" proves within seconds that a new plateau of heaviness has been reached in the realms of hardrock. Huge metal-riffs, these lads ain't a glam-band. Sebastian Bach never sounded so afire and furious: fear him, fear them !

Some thrashmetal tempo on the abrasive title-track "Slave To The Grind". Not for the weak, no time to breathe, just wall-to-wall mean metal action. The challenging "Get The Fuck Out" will give the piss-poor PMRC a run for their money and the über heavy "Livin' On A Chain Gang" is another headbanging fiesta.

While the powerballad "Quicksand Jesus" doesn't cut as deep as "18 And Life" did, it still shows some agility in the melody-department. The RAMONES influenced "Riot Act" and riff-raff of the down and dirty "Mudkicker" are front-row tickets to a bruised mosh-pit experience.

Once again produced by Michael Wagener, from RIAA-certified to once again RIAA-certified, the SKIDs are kicking more asses than ever. On tour, a match made in hell was hatched: SKID ROW with opener, the Texas tornado, the terror of PANTERA. This was the HQ-on-wheels for badassery and overall hellraising.

This ain't generic arenarock. From a punk background with added metal-muscles, definitely not from the cookie-cutter glam template, this is a new breed of American hardrock. Big guns ready for world-domination, sadly the party was cut short in Autumn '91.

Monkey Business = video
Slave To The Grind = video
Quicksand Jesus = video
Slave To The Grind = full CD
Interview in 1991
Live at Wembley in 1991
Scotti Hill, on guitar


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