August 5, 1966 - 2021: 55 years of: Revolver.

The Invasion is at full swing ...more popular than Jesus !

After the 1965 Rubber Soul LP worldwide hip-craze, these boys could do no wrong. On top of the rocknroll food-chain and leaders of the UK counterculture, everything changed. Sounds, looks and thoughts, the world was in full motion and the electric songtrack was provided, courtesy of our lovely Fab Four.

The Beatlemania kicks into high-gear with the "Taxman" ...the IRS's favorite cut. Dive head-first inside the colorful "Yellow Submarine", an immortal sing-along and one of the band's most famous piece.

Innovation into violin + cello rhythms makes a cameo with the adventurous "Eleanor Rigby" and it's counterpart, the horns-supported "Got To Get You Into My Life". Some hints of to-come esoteric psychedelia is apparent on "Love You Too" and the extra-terrestrial experiment of "Tomorrow Never Knows".

Good 'ol rock-cuts are present with "Doctor Robert", "And Your Bird Can Sing" and the piano-driven "Good Day Sunshine".

On tour, the globe was helpless and at their feet, literally. Gazillions of please, please us screaming teenage-girls and rocknroll controversies lead the final ever world-tour, that included five sold-outs at Tokyo's Budokan. The first rock-concerts for this legendary Nippon sport-arena.

The RIAA-certified 5x Platinum Revolver LP is a revolutive revolving-door, the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new era, a darker and hazier Beatlemania: the psychedelic-era.

Next step ...a meeting with the Sergeant.

RIP John Lennon MBE (1940-1980)
RIP George Harrison MBE (1943-2001)

Revolver = full LP
Interview in 1966
Live in 1966

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

50 years.


November 22, 1968 - 2018: 50 years of: The Beatles AKA The White Album.

Turn me on Dead Man: now is the time for Helter Skelter !!!

Up there, in the high hierarchy of rocknroll royalty, there are the greats, then there are the greatest and then there is the united continuum of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, collectively known as: THE BEATLES ...and no album polarized rocknroll's history more than THE BEATLES ninth record, the simply entitled: The Beatles.

All white, all pure, like milk, like snow, nothing more, nothing less.

The innocence of the album-cover is puzzling. Like a blank sheet of paper, waiting to be written-on and drawn-on and this cover could just be that: anyone's memo-sheet ready for some personal insight and adventure ...and this record is just that, an adventure.

Once again behind the wheel, the creative force of Lennon/McCartney managed to write most of the album, while leaving some room, Harrison made a few well appreciated appearances. Early vinyl pressings were numbered and we all know who received copy #0001, #0002, #0003 and #0004. In recent years, Starr's personal copy sold at auction for 790000$USD.

In a trend that started a year ago with the tour-de-force Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band LP, the new album was again written and recorded in the studio in the course of 4 months, all 30 tracks, all very different from one to another, displaying many faces of music: from rock to jazz, from pop to vocal, from acoustic to folk and from piano driven to the 8minute+ experimental soundscape climax of Revolution 9. Experimentation is the lifeline of this opus that is also widely credited to contain the first heavymetal song of all-time in: Helter Skelter.

However, behind the mixing-console inside Abbey Road Studios, the rocknroll lifestyle was far from glamorous. Like jogging into a mine-field, the turmoil, the arguments, the tensions, the drugs and Yoko were the daily dilemmas between the four lads. Isolated day-in and day-out, working on this long-term project, with cutting edge EMI 1968 technology, felt like they were splitting the atom. Starr even quitted the band for a brief period. Yet thru adversity, they came together and spawned this double-album, which sometimes feels more like 4 mini-albums made by 4 different individuals, packaged under the same brand. It is also the last The Beatles's LP to receive both full mono and stereo mixes.

1968 is also the pinnacle of the 60s counter-culture, on both sides of the Atlantic. Either you were from London, San Francisco, New-York or Liverpool, the new young adults of the mid-60s had enough of the sterile redundant establishment, righteous political views and unilateral religions ...and loud rocknroll was the antidote, a revolution !

The cult-status and mythology surrounding The White Album goes beyond mere music. It is Charles Manson's favorite LP and he had a very special interpretation of the album and it's lyrics. This obsession led him and his followers to assassinate 7 innocent people for it.

And of course some controversy: remember the times, 1968, the Cold-War, worldwide-paranoia and a British-band releasing a song entitled "Back In The USSR" Just a simple line that could be easily perceived as: "Backing The USSR"... were they Commies ? Gutsy indeed !

Now 50 years and counting, THE BEATLES and The White Album still mesmerize audiences, both young and lesser-young, universally, and will continue on, forever.

"We don't want to change the world" guys did !!!

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