November 16, 1999 - 2019: 20 years of: Animatronic.

Industrial blackmetal: how can these two genres remotely fit together ? Listen and learn, Nagash has the answer !

Scene-leader, Norway's own hell-child Stian Hinderson AKA Nagash AKA Lex Icon is the genius and wildman behind COVENANT, re-branded into THE KOVENANT. The project started in 1993 and saw the light of night on silver disc in 97 with the dark-blackmetal In Times Before The Light CD (recorded in 95). The game stepped-up in 1998 with the trend-setting majestic symphonic-space-blackmetal universal masterpiece Nexus Polaris CD, to global praise and global success.

The man is also a pivotal piece in DIMMU BORGIR's two massive jaw-dropping releases: 1997's Enthrone Darkness Triumphant and 99's epic Spiritual Black Dimensions. And in late-1999, just before the end of the millennium, while some blackmetal acts where toying with the industrial elements and created some experimenting tracks and EPs, THE KOVENANT went all the way, a full 90° make-over: both musically and visually.

Evolution and revolution.

A different approach, taking hints from MINISTRY, NINE INCH NAILS, SLIPKNOT and MARILYN MANSON, please think outside of the box and go beyond the look, as the music lays some serious industrial rhythmic patterns and futuristic metal explorations ...moving away, far, far, far away from the blackmetal sea. Animatronic is that drop of oil that just won't dissolve !

"Time is running out, for the planet Earth" is uttered and "Mirrors Paradise" kicks the beat into motion. Cold and calculated, the pace is set by drum-legend Hellhammer from MAYHEM. This ain't symphonic-blackmetal, yet in some twisted ways, it is. The new world is here, as the military-march of "New World Order" captures the audience and submits into total metal-worship. Eeriness reaches another level on "'Mannequin" where haunting chants harmonizes to perfection.

Switching-gear into overdrive with "The Human Abstract" where the shouted lyrics "We shape the future - We rape the world - Fallen icons left to burn - The depiction of a naked deformity - Another long lost tragedy" rings aloud into rock/metal apocalypticness. The story-telling "Prophecies Of Fire", again featuring accompanied female vocals and piano is a clever mix of feelings and metallic-lava. The closing track "The Birth Of Tragedy" sums-up the album: mechanical-beats, electronic-samples, dry-guitar riffing, keyboard-soundscapes and that menacing dark blackmetal-cloud overhead ...beautiful and monstrous !

20 years ago the scene drew it's last breath, before morphing into symphonicmetal, powermetal and other variations. Somewhere between musical-visionaries and commercial-suicide, Animatronic remains light-years ahead of the then and even current times. Victims of the saturated scene or mere black (metal) sheeps, THE KOVENANT did leave an indelible mark inside the blackmetal history-books.

Open your mind and explore the unique digital metal-fusion of: Animatronic !

Full CD
Receiving a Grammy Award in Norway in 1999
Live in Holland in 2000
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