December 1, 1981 - 2021: 40 years of: Welcome To Hell.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
From the very depths of Hell:
V - E - N - O - M !!!

This is it: Ground Zero for evil heavymetal. Before POSSESSED, before SLAYER and before HELLHAMMER ...a deadly British trio raised the dead with women, leather and hell, literally.

Wrongly labeled a NWOBHM-band, this unit mixes Euro-metal and UK punk, as this is the basis for all future extreme exhibitions, namely thrashmetal and eventual blackmetal. Always at war with Satan, here's the first true evil heavymetal band ...the fully possessed: VENOM !

Bad seeds and damn proud of it, the "Sons Of Satan" explodes and changes the face of music, forever. The most abrasive sounding, the most raunchy and the most evil to date ...and this is just the first song.

Baphomet's soundtrack, the key is in as the final gates have been wide opened. The blood-pumping of "Welcome To Hell" is were all warhead-rockers vow to fight, right. The primal / tribal "In League With Satan" excites every nerve, while the dirty little bitch of "Poison" rips your stereo in half.

Raw and Satanic from the late-night summoning of "Witching Hour" and the fast slashes of "Angel Dust" is the actual birth of speedmetal, while the massive bursting out low-ends of "One Thousand Days In Sodom" adds a rebel-rock feel to the slaughter. VENOM are the ultimate extreme.

Fire and
...this is Imperial Heavy-Metal !

All thrashmetal, speedmetal, deathmetal and blackmetal bands owe respect and honor to the Great Evil Ones. The year is 1981 and the newly developing heavymetal genre was now set to rampage-mode, courtesy of the Devil's house-band: VENOM !

40 glorious years later, the force and rage of this record is still felt in heavymetal circles worldwide. And just like other English visionaries DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH and JUDAS PRIEST, the updated edgier rocknroll is now pushed far beyond driven. Round Two shall set Heaven on fire with the hate assault of 1982's genre defining LP: Black Metal !

Play loud and remember kids: home-taping is killing music are VENOM !

Hail Conrad Lant AKA Cronos !
Hail Jeffrey Dunn AKA Mantas !
Hail Anthony Bray AKA Abaddon !

Witching Hour = video
Bloodlust = video
Welcome To Hell = full LP
Interview in 1982


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