1988 - Eternal Nightmare.
way more Helter Skelter.

June 27, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: Eternal Nightmare.

Hail The Bay.

In full headbangin' swing, the blood from the murders was still dripping in the front-row. Riding the Second Wave Of Thrash-Metal, the San Francisco Bay-Area was the hotbed for extreme thrash in 1987-88-89. One of those deranged felons was the hard facewashin' VIO-LENCE !

The power-punch of "Eternal Nightmare" takes the crowd into a mosh fest on cue. The raw riffing is real and the tone is deadly, as displayed on "Serial Killer" and "Kill On Command". The crew gets to participate on "Calling In The Coroner" and the speed-fest of "Bodies On Bodies".

This nightmare is real, the ultimate death penalty, as VIO-LENCE burns the stages, just like the Paul Baloff fronted EXODUS did until 1986. This unit includes Robb Flynn, ex-FORBIDDEN and later future MACHINE HEAD frontmen ...yes, this nightmare is eternal.

The Second Wave Of Thrash-Metal, NoCal's counter-attack against the SoCal cock-rock scene. More riffin' and circle-pittin' shall appear on 1990's Oppressing The Masses CD.

Eternal Nightmare = full LP
Interview in 1989
Live in Philadelphia in 1988


Bay-Area 87-88



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