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July 11, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: Winger.

Progressive glam ?

When ex-Alice Cooper bassist Kip Winger and keyboardist Paul Taylor tags along, you know trouble's looming ahead. Part of Sunset Strip's Second Wave, the WINGER boys would, unwillingly be part of the glam-movement, albeit not being an actual glamrock band.

The acoustic-guitar heats-up and the suave "Madalaine" kicks the door wide open. Hardrock and slick riffing, this red hot stuff really is "Too tuff to tame.". The heavenly emotional powerballad "Headed For A Heartbreak" is a beautifully penned track, that gets the ladies into the zone. He's got the looks and he's got the smile, the classically-trained Kip, is rocknroll's new voice.

Hendrix's "Purple Haze" gets an electro-shock, while the muscle-rock of "Poison Angel" and "Hangin' On" are headbanging fun-times. In a "State Of Emergency" we happily dwell into the wildness of rock. Superior musicianship, WINGER provide the goods.

...and now, some of the cheesiest lyrics known to man:
"I'm only seventeen, I'll show you love, like you've never seen." and "Daddy says she's too young, but she's old enough for meeeee." of the era's most renown song. The iconic not-yet-legal "Seventeen" is all teasin' and pleasin'. Great hooks and strong offset rhythms, the single is a bold statement at the height of the rebelrock-movement. With today's PC-ness, very very very likely that this cut wouldn't have made the cut.

Forward thinking, dancin' close to that borderline and tip-toeing into jazz-territory, the band also features DIXIE DREGS legendary drummer Rod Morgenstein ...and unknown finger-lickin' good shredder: Reb Beach.

Not the typical West-Hollywood lipstick-act, but a nice musical touch in the Sahara-dry land of generic hair and Harleys. RIAA-certified Platinum with high kicks to match, WINGER was now one of the coolest band around, and they shall repeat with 1990's more mature In The Heart Of The Young CD.

Madaleine = video
Seventeen = video
Headed For A Heartbreak = video
Hungry = video
Winger = full LP
Interview in 1989
MTV Year Bash into 1989
Live in Pittsburgh in 1989

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