March 11, 1975 - 2020: 45 years of: Welcome To My Nightmare.

No more Mister nice guy, The King goes solo not Presley, but The Coop AKA the King of shock-rock: Alice Cooper !!!

Detroit's most destructive delinquent breaks away: before the Poison, before the Teenage Frankenstein, before the newwave-flair of DaDa and before the experimentation of From The Inside ...there was the rocknroll roller-coaster that is the 1975 tour-de-force Welcome To My Nightmare LP.

While AEROSMITH was ruling the arenas and new-comers KISS where still struggling behind their dollar-store make-up, Mr. Show-Business himself was set on some more Billion Dollar Babies.

Welcome his nightmare.
Welcome the show.
Mr. Cooper and producer Bob Ezrin makes magic.

The opening title-track sleazes its way slowly but surely into a fusionrock climax, between clarinet interventions. The always tempting "Devil's Food" will make you have your cake and eat it too, while it's outro/intro presents us Alice's favorite play-along pet: "The Black Widow". A piece featuring one of Hollywood's greatest voice: Vincent Price.

The jazzy "Some Folks" keeps the pace in check and morphs into the hemophilic "Only Women Bleed" ...a simple yet pure and posh, classic-rock ballad anthem. Don't worry headbangers, hardrock-cuts includes the rebellious "Department Of Youth" and the heavy-guitar driven "Cold Ethyl"

The center-point of this concept-album is the epic "Steven". The childhood horror becomes alive on the 5:46sec progressive rock adventure, including full-on synths and string orchestration. Grandiose-rock !

The nightmare was actually really starting, creatively and commercially speaking. The LP and following elaborate theatrical tour-cycle did really good, but the following set of records throughout the mid-80s had lost it's rocknroll touch. But fear not, like any good monster, the hardrock element would finally snake back into place on the venomous 1986 reptilian return of Constrictor.

School was definitely out !

Department Of Youth - video
Only Women Bleed - video
Full LP
Interview in 1974
Live in 1975

September 22, 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Constrictor.

The rebellious reptilian returns.

Vile and horrorfull since Day One, yet utterly lovable and articulate, the desperado is biting back. After the hazy hardcore 70s, the early 80s saw the king of shock-rock flushing his fashion with newwave-flair and post-punk prototypes. Yet in mid-decade, the reigning Sunset Strip bad boys were about to get schooled out by the ultimate black widow rock-maestro.

Introducing the Special Forces:
For xtra-muscle, enter new heavyweight on guitars: Kane Roberts.
And in the low-end department, future rock-icon: Kip Winger.

Impact is imminent as the awaken monster, this "Teenage Frankenstein" arises. Loud metal-guitars and throat-chocking attitude, Cooper is back. The punches keeps commin' never gonna "Give It Up", these hardrockin' men are just a case of "Simple Disobedience".

More hardrock explode on the edgy "The Great American Success Story" and the bloody "The World Needs Guts", while shades of pop is felt on "Trick Bag". The throwback 80s synth-track "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)" eventually found fame on the slasher/massacre Friday The 13th Part VI Jason Lives movie.

Out of Wonderland, Alice goes to West-Hollywood, headbutting with the current new kids on the block GUNS N' ROSES, W.A.S.P. and the MÖTLEY veterans. Like a shot of cold ethyl, his comeback would solidify with the matching louder than loud 1987 Raise Your Fist And Yell LP.

Welcome back to his nightmare.

He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) = video
Constrictor = full LP
Interview in 1986
The Nightmare Returns: live in 1986




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