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February 14, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Wayne's World.

Aaaaasphinctersayswhat ?

SNL, them again. Following the footstep of hits like The Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters and the National Lampoon's Vacation ...the NYC crew now gets into real hard-hittin' rocknroll. Hints of Sunset Strip mojo and loads of blue-collar attitude, best buddy Wayne and Garth arose from the dirty Aurora IL undergrounds, to national cable-TV stardom.

We got 5000$ dollars ! We got 5000$ dollars !

Big corporation injecting money into these bums, instantly made them house-hold names, so much that through these wicked connections, they got to party with the almighty king Alice Cooper. Although inner-struggles and love-triangle would break the unit, the boys would eventually patch things up and relocate back into their parent's basement.

Directed by Penelope Spheeris, hardrock fan / director from the Decline Of Western Civilization trilogy, the Wayne's World movie-saga did not only lit back the rocknroll-element into the grunge-infested 1992 and rejuvenated QUEEN's 1975 Bohemian Rhapsody, but also generated a plethora of still used today one-liners.
    - Party on !
    - SHWING !
    - We're not worthy !
    - Excellent !
    - NOOOT !
At the end of the decade, Wayne Campbell actor Mike Myers would become the cultural-icon universally known savior super-agent: Austin Powers. See you all at Waynestock '93 ...in the meantime I'll have the creamofsomeyounguy !

Wayne's World = movie trailer
The excellent 2015 reunion at SNL40

December 10, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Wayne's World 2.

Guess who's got pubes ?

Round Two and things will get serious. Majorlabel debut-release CD recording for Tia, high-ratings cable-network exposure for Wayne ...and an aborted marriage.

"If you book 'em ...they will come !" - Jim

From the endless desert sands, the elusive Jim Morrison awakens Wayne with his wisdom. His new purpose: host a massive open-air rock-concert. Now set on a mission, Wayne and Garth shall work around the clock to make history happen, all in the name of rocknroll.

More fun and more passion. From legendary British roadie to evil record-producer ...to Garth's psycho French hottie to AERO-FUCKIN'-SMITH ...the build-up to Waynestock is a fun-filled DIY rock-venture.

"...I had to beat them to death with their own shoes." - Del

RIP Chris Farley AKA Milton (1964-1997)
RIP Charlton Heston AKA the good actor (1923-2008)
RIP Frank DiLeo AKA Mr. Big (1947-2011)
RIP Rip Taylor (1931-2019)
RIP Larry Sellers AKA the weird naked Indian (1949-2021)

Wayne's World 2 = movie trailer
SNL sketch with AEROSMITH

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