September 12, 1989 - 2019: 30 years of: Pump.

Time to jack-up !

America initially got it's ass kicked by 5 snotty Boston-boys, way back in 1973. After the success and excesses of the late 70s, changes occurred and the beast tamed down. Reunion and rehab brought the party back on track and the revival became complete with 1987's massive return Permanent Vacation ...and now it was time for some real fun !

The epitome of hardrock, the year ninety-eighty-nine, when Sunset-strip was the center of the universe, were motley denims and poisoned roses were the usual 9-to-5 ...the AEROSMITH rockers were pumped and ready to reclaim their rocknroll-crown. The Pump LP is pure lightning in a bottle: raw rocknroll, sweet licks, blues undertones, rough pizzazz ...and the dudes didn't looked like ladies !

The powerful opener "Young Lust" gives us a little 'o nasty, fast paced high-octane rocknroll and hold own to dear life as "F.I.N.E." slays any surviving souls out there ...yes Sir ! The immortal powerballad "Janie's Got A Gun" displays emotional atmosphere you can cut with a knife. Once again, thank you God for the Tyler + Perry creative duo, as it is at it's ultimate zenith.

Flipping to Side B, "The Other Side" keeps the beat up and "My Girl" squeals more deadly hooks to boot. The badass-boogie "Don't Get Mad, Get Even" use dirty old blues-tricks to get the point across and the epic finale of "What It Takes" is another AEROSMITH secured-signature track.

Yet the rock-Godzilla anthem "Love In An Elevator" still rings aloud. Inspired by another wild Tyler adventure, this one is a no brainer: kick-ass rocknroll. The who-oh, woh-yeah hook is pure adrenaline and the hard laidback drums make this hit an epic one. Got a quarter ? the jukebox is begging for some more !

Finally AEROSMITH was back on top of the rocknroll food-chain. Pump delivered hits and solidified American hardrock as a whole, in an era where European rockstars SCORPIONS, WHITESNAKE and DEF LEPPARD had chewed on a substantial slice of the pie. Spawning multi-Platinum sales status, winning Grammy awards, the band was even featured on SNL in a Wayne's World skit, years before the actual movie came out.

While the other rock-machine of the early 70s, the mighty KISS, are on their current End Of The Road Tour, the AEROSMITH party still carries on as they will eventually end up being the oldest hardrock band alive, recording and touring.

Fuel her up, take your best shot, floor it full RPM and make those pistons pump !

...going, down ?

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