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May 15, 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Raising Hell.

Walk this way !!!

It's an East-Coast thing most people wouldn't understand. Pushing b-boying to the extreme, these Queens MC's would soon become hiphop's Kings of rock. Third record, sneakers untied, the turntables are running and the gold is shinning, this is 1986 and rap was on the verge of becoming a major breakthrough. Three young men and six letters that spearheaded a genre and a global fashion: RUN DMC !

The opening of "Peter Piper" hooks instantly. Incendiary rhyme and bass rhythms that drives well beyond any jet-fuel. Pure magic as the loud thumps of "It's Tricky" possesses your stereo while the one-two punches of "Hit It Run" and the jack-hammer of "Raising Hell" are sure to start a punk mosh-pit.

"My Adidas" is the birth of a trend, that is today tougher than leather. One song, one brand and a now multi-gazillion dollars industry, it's called: Artist Endorsement. From London to L.A. it's RUN DMC who were the first to hop and partner with the shoes and apparel giant Adidas Inc. Dr.DRE, DIDDY and DRAKE wouldn't have business-game crossover if DMC hadn't paved the way for actual hiphop fashion.

And speaking of crossovers: follow the line and "Walk This Way"...

The ultimate hybrid between rap and rock. On one side, hardrock mammoths AEROSMITH and on the other, the street adrenaline of DMC. The 1975 rock-hit gets a major facelift and a one-way ticket at eternal stardom. The guitar riff, the drum pattern and some added sick jabs courtesy of MC Run and MC Dmc. Tyler and Perry performed along and got revitalized, enough to make a comeback of their own with AEROSMITH's 1987 Permanent Vacation arenarock-monster LP.

The rap-meets-rock fusion is now official and the flodgates have been opened, as ANTHRAX would soon follow along FAITH NO MORE, 24-7 SPYZ and eventual BODY COUNT, which ultimately led to the widely celebrated nümetal genre of the mid 90s.

Now RIAA-certified 3x Platinum, the Rick Rubin produced Raising Hell LP is a cornerstone in the hiphop movement and the ass-kicking it needed to become an MTV respected contender. This hell sat the scene afire and led to other NYC trendsetters to bloom and conquer, namely the BEASTIE BOYS and PUBLIC ENEMY.

RUN DMC: an integral part of the Mount Rushmore of hiphop.

RIP Jam Master Jay (1965-2002)

Walk This Way = video
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