1984 - Fistful Of Metal.
1987 - Among The Living.
1988 - State Of Euphoria.
1990 - Persistence Of Time.
1993 - Sound Of White Noise.
way more Helter Skelter.

January 6, 1984 - 2024: 40 years of: Fistful Of Metal.

The East-Coast's counter-attack.

While the greater New-York City area was already a hot-spot for hardcore-punk and other smelly shenanigans, the West-Coast, by very late 1983, already had both METALLICA and SLAYER officially on tape. In a fast heavymetal state of euphoria, the ANTHRAX quintet would bring a new signature into thrashmetal: powermetal vocals.

Full speed ahead, they tag along the "Deathrider" with "Panic". Two axe-killers with double-bassdrums rolls. The new created thrashmetal tone was upped with Euro-influenced high-pitched vocals.

Fisting with fury, the nuclear assault continues on "Death From Above" and the warriors of "Soldiers Of Metal". More power and aggression seize with might on the raging signature "Metal Thrashing Mad", while the Alice Cooper classic "I'm Eighteen" gets a distorted outlook.

Signed by the cool Megaforce Records, led by owner Jon Zazula who almost single-handedly promoted the heavymetal movement into America, via his underground record-store Rock N Roll Heaven ...the stormtroopers of ANTHRAX were in good hands. The race was on, the USA now had three to-be-major key-players in the fledging thrashmetal genre. The First Wave would be complete by mid-1985, with official debut-LPs by both EXODUS and MEGADETH.

By late-84, singer Neil Turbin was out and Joey Belladonna's vocal were soon immortalized on their February 1985 Armed And Dangerous EP. Simultaneously casted aside, bassist Danny Lilker would launch his noisy career, starting with NUCLEAR ASSAULT. ANTHRAX's next step would break the speed of sound, disturbing the peace and distributing metal-sickness with 1985's Spreading The Disease LP.

Fistful Of Metal = full LP
Live in Brooklyn in 1984

March 16, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: Among The Living.

When the Big Three became the Big Four.

The thrashmetal race is on, crowded with sick reign in blood, peace selling Masters of puppets. And now from another trendsetter, a fresh new outlook. From New-fuckin'-York, the speed of ANTHRAX was now morphing into street-aggression ...and a very special history-making EP.

The intro and the loud punches, followed by Armageddon. The title-track "Among The Living" is a tried and true down-picking speed-killer. More speed appears on "One World" and more aggression is spat on "Imitation Of Life" co-written by a certain Danny Lilker, while the war-dance trademark finally make it's apparition on the now immortal anthem: "Indians"

Another classic is born, the pit-favorite "Caught In A Mosh" sets new standards in arenarock-sport. The wrist-warmer "I Am The Law" is a tribute to the Judge Dredd cartoon-character, another passion for these comical metal Yonkers. The Hendrix-producer Eddie Kramer LP was pushed beyond the RIAA-certified Gold plateau and firmly placed ANTHRAX as a major thrash key-player in metal's glam infested 1987.

Riding the wave, the following I'm The Man EP is the lonely gem that not only broke the mould, but also broke barriers with it's full rock / hiphop crossover. They wore it on their sleeves, literally, best friends with L.L. COOL J and PUBLIC ENEMY, the THRAXers displayed street groove and b-boy-izm in this 3:04sec trendsetting track. Blame them for planting the seed of rap-metal, years before 90s Chart-topper RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and eventual LIMP BIZKIT.

This epic era shall repeat again with 1988's State Of Euphoria LP.

Hsarhtnikufesin !!!

Indians = video
Among The Living = full LP
I'm The Man = full EP
Hosting Headbanger's Ball in 1987
Live in London in 1987

September 12, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: State Of Euphoria.

Current world: a state of euphoria.

1988, the height of the thrashmetal movement: OVER KILL, FORBIDDEN, VOÏVOD, TESTAMENT and Canada's chainsaw RAZOR ...and from Queens NY, they are among the living, the mighty ANTHRAX !

In the metal-realm, the THRAXers are credited to a lot of things:
    One of the Big Four thrashmetal bands, along arena-fillers METALLICA, SLAYER and MEGADETH ...yet they are "that band" from the East-Coast.
    The first US thrash-band with an actual vocalist: Joey Belladonna, the man with the European falsetto power-metallesque pipes.
    They disturbed the metalhead dress-code, as in: Vision Street Wear apparel, Super Hero tshirts, colorful jams-shorts and track-suits ...a hint from the hiphop / skater scene. They also smiled a lot, they looked genuinely happy and easy-going fellas ...not the typical serial-killer mug-shot grin.
    They had something to say: messages about various social-issues as they stayed far, far, far away from the Satan / Hell / Death lyrical pattern.
    They spearheaded the metal-rap fusion with 1987's "I'm The Man" and again with 91's "Startin' Up A Posse" ...they even reprised and toured with PUBLIC ENEMY.
...but let's get back to 1988 !

While the unwritten rule in thrashmetal was to be the fastest, angriest, sadist and most evil ever, NOT! ...ANTHRAX took it upon themselves to play clean thrashmetal, without it's clichés. The LP includes quality mosh, aggressive-riffing, fast-paced hooks and a lotta fun, all packaged with a perfect production on every channel. From it's tame spiral yellow-themed cover, to the hilarious band-illustration, State Of Euphoria stands as a unique release in the thrash abundance of the late 80s.

"Be All, End All" is the perfect opener, a crescendo smirk to their previous LP's opener "Among The Living", while "Make Me Laugh" takes shots at a current Televangelist scandals. The dark mid-paced "Who Cares Wins" deals with the alarming NYC homelessness issue. The gritty "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind" reminds us that the boys are about riffs and more riffs, while the closing-track "Finalé" is one of ANTHRAX's fastest-song ...and of course, the album includes the now famous TRUST-cover in "Antisocial", a number still present in today's setlist.

Yet the musical focus of the album remains drummer Charlie Benante ...and just like other 1988 competitors South Of Heaven LP and And Justice For All LP ...this is a drum album.

While most fans and critics label 1987's Among The Living as the band's classic-LP, this '88 follow-up just doesn't follow-up the riff-mania, but clearly showcases a fully mature band, firing on all cylinders. A darker and heavier ANTHRAX shall ascend in 1990, with the monster titan-clasher downtuned Persistence Of Time CD.

"God says go and masturbate !"

Who Cares Win = video
Antisocial = video
State Of Euphoria = full LP
MTV interview in 1988
Live in Germany in 1988

August 21, 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Persistence Of Time.

From a colorful state a persistent black.

Record #5 and the stakes are at an all-time high. All the way back in shitty 1983, no-one would've thought thrashmetal would have an audience, no-one would've though thrashmetal would be marketable, no-one would've though thrashmetal could sell past 5-figures. While METALLICA and MEGADETH headbanged their way into the arenas, they, along SLAYER and ANTHRAX, were labeled the Big Four of thrashmetal. But sadly our NYC-boys were always a couple of steps behind the other three, but not for long, has they would leap-frog ahead like no other metal-band has done before, leaving the competition far behind in awe.

The original East-Coast thrashers fought an upward battle, from changing frontmen, to changing labels, to losing their studio in a fire, yet now: it's thrax-time ! After both commercial successes of 1987's mean Among The Living LP and 1988's wide State Of Euphoria LP, a now bigger, bolder and badder ANTHRAX finally had a proper mature production and the crowd was ready for them.

Tic-toc-tic-toc the clock runs down and brings us Armageddon, the time is now. "Time" is a massive piledriver that hammers away into thrashmetal territory. Loud and obnoxious, this is the new and improved RIAA-certified Gold THRAX. The killings continues on "Blood" and the video-cut, the dark "In My World". A chuga-chuga feast that doesn't leave much to the imagination: this is heavy shit !

The speedmetal factor is alive and well on "Gridlock" and the stealth-fighter type, the album's closer "Discharge". Another record - another cover, and this time we get the revamped Joe Jackson pop-punk classic "Got The Time". Another cut to add to the wall, as this piece as since become permanent in the band's live environment.

The Persistence Of Time 1990-92 era is a key turning-point in ANTHRAX's history, as well as in heavymetal's global history.

Metal's biopic was re-written with this massive collaboration, but this time it went 4-ways. The Clash Of The Titans Spring / Summer 1991 US tour staring: ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, SLAYER with openers ALICE IN CHAINS. Three of the four thrash top-players, packaged under one roof for a whopping 20$USD. Pushing the boundaries again, ALICE IN CHAINS a non-thrash band was invited at the last minute to cover for the missing in action DEATH ANGEL. Irony at it's best as mere months later, the same ALICE would become Platinum-sellers, leaders of the grunge-scene and dominate half of the 90s ...while most thrash-bands would have a hard time to fill-up local clubs.

What posse ?
What posse ?
What posse ?
What started with 1987's "I'm The Man" EP was now ready for a full 360° hiphop makeover. 1991's Attack Of The Killer B's CD, history's longest EP ever clocking at 44:17sec, is where the real beat is found on the comical "Startin' Up A Posse" and the adrenalized PUBLIC ENEMY collaboration with both Chuck D and Flavor Flav, in the now iconic "Bring The Noise" reprise.

Bring The Noise, the fuckin' video

The ultimate crossover, forever unifying the metal-world with the hiphop-scene, ANTHRAX and PUBLIC ENEMY did it. And the party went so well that the unthinkable happened:

The ANTHRAX + PUBLIC ENEMY Autumn 1991 US tour

Persistence Of Time and Attack Of The Killer B's solidified the Yonkers as not only a very creative band, but also forever broke them away from the heavymetal stereotypes. ANTHRAX, breaking the metal status-quo and creating trends, one riff at a time. This was also a make-over for Scott Ian. Indeed the riff-master shaved his head. It might sound tame today, but back in 1990, sporting the full rock-hairdo was the only way. This new raw fashion was also in style with Rob Halford and Phil Anselmo ...a true sign of the upcoming nineties and reconstruction of hard-music.

Success was warmly welcomed, yet in late-1992, the 5-way classic-lineup marriage was over, as singer Joey Belladonna was let go and replaced with frontmen #3 in John Bush.

"...but we ride limos too !"

In My World = video
Got The Time = video
Belly Of The Beast = video
Persistence Of Time = full CD
Interview in 1990
Live in 1991
Clash Of The Titans documentary in 1991
Reflection on Persistence Of Time
some guy

May 10, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Sound Of White Noise.

Here's your shot of C11 H17 N2 O2 S Na

Forever breaking away from the 80s and forever breaking away from the Big Four ...d'ya get the time ? After 1991's hip Attack Of The Killer B's MCD, came the split. Personal and business, frontmen Joey Belladonna was out. Re-building and re-branding, the disease spreaders were now behind ex-ARMORED SAINT singer John Bush ...this new ANTHRAX was fully 90s ready. Or so they thought.

Souls arises miles around in this "Potter's Field", an explosion of start / stop guitars, loud drums and the new voice of thrashmetal ...a journey into sounds. The modernism hits hard on "Hy Pro Glo" and like a race-car on the speed-freak "Burst" ...this is fresh, this is abrasive, this is the sound of white noise !

New newmetal blasts like C-4 on "Invisible" and "Room For One More", you can feel that the game is morphing. The single-cut for "Only" is a mammoth-solid piece of updated steel, where mid-crunched distorted guitars and Charlie Benante's drums avalanche is second to none.

The melodramatic investigation of "Black Lodge" is a different side of darkness. Far from the expected powerballad-standards, this 5:26sec evoluting gloom is the cold November grief we can all relate to. A deep cut into blackness from the same band that brought us Startin' Up A Posse a mere two years ago. See mind-bogling video below, one of 1993's best.

Now signed to Elektra Records, now produced by Dave Jerden and now equipped with cutting-edge technology, in this post-Black Album era ...the 90s would be totally anthraxed. Reality rapidly hit hard, from the Seattle-effect, to the label-cutdowns and overall tide-change from the rock-fanbase. Current hits from TYPE O NEGATIVE, WHITE ZOMBIE, PANTERA and BIOHAZARD ...a fine mix ...yet the hard-music modus-operandi wasn't ANTHRAX ready.

Still RIAA-certified Gold, the boys had fun on the road, wrecking arenas with modern-metal and that lovely NYC roots attitude. Their following mosh, the Stomp 442 CD would disappoint and mysteriously disappear off the rock-radar in mid-1995.

Only = video
Hy Pro Glo = video
Black Lodge = video
Sound Of White Noise = full CD
MTV interview in 1993
Live in St-Paul in 1993






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