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August 30, 1985 - 2020: 35 years of: Speak English Or Die.

Private Pyle, the Sargent is looking for YOU !

Lewd and lovely, racist and retarded, fearless and fuckable: anti-PC before PC was even a thing ...because fuck everybody ! The STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH commonly known as S.O.D. are the short-lived iconic mosh-machine of the mid-80s. By 1985, speedmetal was running at full RPM, rabid monsters like SLAYER, RAZOR, CELTIC FROST and KREATOR were the shit in the speed-department ...yet they have seen nothing yet.

From ANTHRAX, Scott Ian and Charlie Benante had some free time after the recording-sessions for the now classic Spreading The Disease LP. A few songs demoed, a call to buddy Danny Lilker and motherfucker in chief Mister big mouth, the MC from the gutter Billy Milano and voila: pure chaos !

The mosh, the riff, the military step, the "March Of The S.O.D." is a fat motherfuckin' stomper. One of metal's simplest and strongest riff. And now, salute as your immediate superior is here. "Sargent D & The S.O.D." pushes, destroys and thrashes everything. Two simple back-to-back tracks: 3:50sec of raunchiness that forever encompassed S.O.D. as the ultimate thrashcore renegades. Fear them !

The rhythmic "United Forces" rejoices and moshes in a downstroke of fury, hail Scott Ian's right wrist ! More speed and more hate and more speedhate: "Chromatic Death" is the thrashiest 0:44sec champion of all-time. Got yer Cherrios ready little boy ? ...d'ya got some "Milk". The ugliest morning-wood ever, the blue-print for what's-to-become grind-core, while both circle-pit generators "Milano Mosh" and "Fist Banging Mania" is sure to leave you with some loose teeth. S.O.D. also gives a quick P.S.A.: no matter your race, your color, your ethnicity ..."Speak English Or Die" !!!

Ian and Benante having now returned to full-time duty in ANTHRAX, Lilker explored thrashcore with NUCLEAR ASSAULT, while Milano kept the hate commin' with his new band, the simply entitled: METHOD OF DESTRUCTION aka M.O.D. Reunited for a one night only world-tour, the Live At Budokan 1992 CD still shows grit and adolescent energy. Recorded at The Ritz in NYC, the title pokes fun for their imaginative new-found instant success.

They did officially come back for another studio album in 1999, but with different times, the vibe was not the same and the modern scene had changed too much.

Lightning in an bottle in the thrash-field, no other album possesses the blunt-power Speak English Or Die has. Hardcore mixed with thrashmetal equals crossover: the ultimate mix for instant brutality NYHC-style, as Speak English Or Die is the quintessential be all, end all of thrashcore. For the untrained-ears, DO NOT let this one slip aside: Speak English Or Die is a must-hear attraction.


Speak English Or Die = full LP
Live at the "Budokan" in 1992










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