October 7, 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Game Over.

NYHC finally crosses over.

After S.O.D.'s 1985 chaotic grinding burst of energy, Danny Lilker left for more energy ...the atomic burst of WW3's NUCLEAR ASSAULT. Tagging along with singer / guitarist John Connelly, the warheads were now locked and loaded ...ready for some sweet DEFCON extravagenza.

"Life, Suffer, Die" is simple math: speed, speed and speed. "Sin" jumps right in the pit, filled with "Cold Steel" action. Street-speedmetal with a DIY-flair, as "Radiation Sickness" leaves any survivors with dire consequences.

Some fun with "Mr. Softee Theme" and right back with a boot to the face with the circle-pit "Stranded In Hell". More apocalyptic thrash with "Nuclear War" and the closing, the MAIDEN-esque "Brain Death", is the only sign of actual musical progression.

The immortal 0:46sec almost grindcore cut "Hang The Pope", shall eventually bloom with Danny into a sickening brutal truth.

It ain't game over for these two ex-ANTHRAX mofos. Representing the East-Coast, along CARNIVORE, OVER KILL, PRONG and the latter THRAXers. The fun shall continue with 1987's The Plague EP, and the upcoming devastating full blown global explosion aftermath of 1988's Survive LP.

Game Over = full LP
Interview in 1987
Live at Hammersmith in 1987

Handle With Care



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