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August 30, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: Danzig.

From dark-punk to dark-rock.

After trashing morbid-punk, Glenn Danzig's new ambitions would morph into blues / heavyrock. A supergroup of misfits of darkness: Glenn on vocals, ex-ROSEMARY'S BABIES ex-SAMHAIN Eerie Von on bass, ex-DOA ex-BLACK FLAG ex CIRCLE JERKS punk-royalty on drums Chuck Biscuits ...and Peabody Institute classical and Towson University jazz guitar graduate: John Christ. Intended as an eventual SAMHAIN IV LP, the newly revamped crew of henchman were now simply known as: DANZIG.

The death-tone rings aloud as the maniacal riff of "Twist Of Cain" breaks your stereo in half. The crushing continues on the riff-o-rama of "Not Of This World" and the Mistress of the night treks on "She Rides" ...true rebel-rock with 50s biker attitude.

The matriarchal "Mother" rapidly became DANZIG's totemistic anthem. Pentatonic paradise, a monolith of metallic proportions, spiked with classicrock esthetics and blues architecture. Two fast killers in the form of "Am I Demon" and the LP's closer "Evil Thing" coronate this frolic on the left hand path. This is the new incarnation of Glenn Danzig: the real root of all evil.

A counterculture on it's own, deep in 1988's hardrock and thrashmetal supernova. The DANZIG moniker stood tall and would spread fear and interest, from a scene in dire need for serious black rock. RIAA-certified Gold and Rick Rubin produced, the rockabilly vibe is alive and shall return with 1990's tales from the darkside: DANZIG II: Lucifuge.

Twist Of Cain = video
Mother = video
She Rides = video
Am I Demon = video
Danzig = full LP
Danzig = full VHS
MTV Interview in 1989
Live in 1988

July 14, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: DANZIG III: How The Gods Kill.

July 1992: a dirty black summer.

In heavymetal-hostile 1992, let's be thankful the dark Chosen Ones brought classic heavymetal to the table. After the bluesier adventure of 1990's Lucifuge, the hellish foursome of DANZIG shines under the moonlight with their best material ever.

The unholy power of drummer Chuck Biscuits hammers down the opening of "Godless" and all the elements of Mother Nature goes into overdrive. The 6:51sec goes from doom, to classic BLACK SABBATH-metal and displays Glenn Danzig's best attribute. The blues bass-line of "Bodies" and "Heart Of The Devil" thrust the album further into perfection, while the metalized "Do You Wear The Mark" and "Left Hand Black" is sure to please any headbanger.

The MTV-single of "Dirty Black Summer" might very well be 1992's best track, especially hot on John Christ's blazing guitar-lead. The gothic powerballad for "How The Gods Kill" is an eerie standout-cut and the darkness keeps on rolling with the morbid Roy Orbison-meets-THE CURE vibed "Sistinas".

The perfect mix has finally been achieved for DANZIG and also, the perfect artwork from the perfect artist: H.R. Giger. The audacious 1976 Meister Und Margerita painting is fully displayed on the record-sleeve and fully put to life on the accompanying promo-video.

The following 1993 Thrall-Demonsweatlive MCD would provide more metal-muscle with "It's Coming Down", "The Violet Fire" and the Elvis Presley immortal "Trouble". Celebrating this new-found commercial-appeal, the 1988 track "Mother" did find noticeable airplay in this twisted era of new heavyrock.

The next step would be 1994's grisly experimental 4p CD. This new BDSM outlook would embrace some shades of industrial and would be the final union of the classic DANZIG lineup.

"I'm gonna stand on the top of the world and ...challenge the heavens !"

Dirty Black Summer = video
How The Gods Kill = video
Sistinas = video
Bodies = video
How The Gods Kill = full CD
Interview in 1992
It's Coming Down = video
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