1982 - Walk Among Us.
1982 - Evilive.
1983 - Earth A.D. / Wolfs Blood.
way more Helter Skelter.

March 1982 - 2022: 40 years of: Walk Among Us.

The birth of East-Coast hardcore.

The birth of extremes, the birth of Glenn Danzig ...one of heavymetal's most decorated extremist. His 4 decade long dark-rock pedigree starts here, in tiny Lodi New Jersey. Along brothers Jerry Only and Doyle and drummer Arthur Googy, these fearsome foursome crafted: raw American hardcore-punk.

Their moniker, borrowed from the 1961 Marilyn Monroe movie, shall push the angry teens into a string of independently released EPs and the sadly shelved 1978 Static Age LP, until the proper Ruby / Slash Records Walk Among Us LP slammed the underground in March 1982.

Count 'em as "20 Eyes" are in my head, like 10 Tasmanian devil from the gutter. Hardcore sets the pit into Armageddon-mode with "All Hell Breaks Loose" and the upbeat "Nike A Go Go", while the crowd's favorite "Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight ?" may be the most brutal track of the early 80s ...before the soon-to-come thrashmetal craze.

It's true, he yelled it out loud: "I Turned Into A Martian", is that point in time where Glenn introduces his legendary larger then life: "Wooo-ooh-ooh !" The human extermination expends as he wants and needs "Skulls". The carnage carries on, as cosmic chaos continues with a bang with "Astro Zombies".

40 horrorful years later, the classic MISFITS were, are and shall forever be: the iconic dark punkrock entity. Get ready 'coz the violence shall get real on 1983's bloody-knuckle Earth A.D. / Wolfs Blood LP.

WE ARE 138 !!!

Braineaters = video
Walk Among Us = full LP
Live in Detroit in 1982

December 1982 - 2022: 40 years of: Evilive.

Walk among them.

March 1982's black blood bleeding of Walk Among Us LP instantly placed the MISFITS at the pole-position of American psychos. The hallmark of darkness, lets take the fun on the road ...Mommy, can we go out and kill tonight ?

Recorded in November and December of 1981, prior to the Walk Among Us sessions, this live explosion displays crude commotion, bodily bedlam and DIY rocknroll. The production, or lack there of, is savage hardcore-punk 101. Live classicrock has DEEP PURPLE's Made In Japan, heavymetal has JUDAS PRIEST's Unleashed In The East ...punk now has pure Evilive.

Release as an EP in 1982 and later repackaged-LP in '87 with added material, these are some of the most abrasive 24mins ever put to tape. You literally can feel the combat-boot coming out of the stereo, knocking you in the nuts.

"Do you think he'll get out of the hospital in time ?"

Evilive = full LP

December 12, 1983 - 2023: 40 years of: Earth A.D. / Wolfs Blood.

More evil thrash.

Second studio offering from the MISFITS ...third one if you count the then unreleased 1978 Static Age LP. Pushing the underground to the extremes, just before the actual thrashmetal take over. From Lodi to London's dungeon, the teenagers from Mars want more ghouls and more skulls.

The aggressive "Earth A.D." destroys the opposition and overdriven hardcore-punk explodes on "Death Comes Ripping" and the speed-freak of "Green Hell" ...a track later reprised by METALLICA on their 1987 Garage Days Re-Revisited EP.

The midpaced "Bloodfeast" clearly distinguishes itself as a precursor for upcoming morbid musical events, while both rapid blasts of "Queen Wasp" and "Domonomania" are dark hellraisers. Later CD and tape bonus-tracks, includes the classic Die, Die My Darling session.

The last call ...the last caress, as these misfits would disolve right after Halloween 1983. Glenn Danzig would dig more underground into the tombs and conceive his new vision. Summer 1984 would not be ready for the bloody funeral assault of SAMHAIN's Initium.

Earth A.D. / Wolfs Blood = full LP
Die, Die My Darling = full EP
Live in Michigan in 1983
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