1987 - Scream Bloody Gore.
1988 - Leprosy.
1990 - Spiritual Healing.
1991 - Human.
1993 - Individual Thought Patterns.
1998 - The Sound Of Perseverance.
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May 25, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: Scream Bloody Gore.

The birth of Death-Metal.

Deathmetal was hatched in 1984 in sunny Altamonte Springs Florida, between angry-teens drummer / singer Kam Lee, guitarist Rick Rozz and guitarist Chuck Schuldiner: deathmetal's co-creators. Switching names from MANTAS to DEATH, in 1985 shit hit the fan, both Lee and Rozz goes on with MASSACRE while Chuck resets, shortly becomes a member of Canadian deathrashers SLAUGHTER, moves in California and records vocals, bass and guitars with to-be AUTOPSY drummer Chris Reifert.

Dark and deadly, the dismembering begins with an "Infernal Death". The sickness elevates from the grave with the signature-cut "Zombie Ritual", the unleashed "Mutilation" and the thrash asphyxiation of "Torn To Pieces".

More chainsaw massacre repulsions are exposed on the pestilencial "Regurgitated Guts" and the crowd-favorite "Denial Of Life". The album's closer, both fast-paced "Evil Dead" and "Scream Bloody Gore" takes a strong page out of the POSSESSED book of tricks. Note, the CD-edition contains two extra obituaries: the entombed "Beyond The Unholy Grave" and the from beyond "Land Of No Return".

The throat-ripping agonizing vocals, along the mid-paced to thrash tracks, added low-end tones and plenty of corpses to match, these are the standards for Death-Metal. From tape-traded demos to shoe-string Combat Records, this collection is the basis for all future deathmetal bands of the upcoming half-decade. Every artists from Tampa to New-York and from Sherbrooke to Stockholm, from the to-be deathmetal scene, all list Scream Bloody Gore as the genesis of the movement.

What Kill 'Em All did for thrashmetal ...Scream Bloody Gore did it for deathmetal.

When speedmetal turns deadly. Follow the brutal trilogy, the brutal build-up: from POSSESSED's 1985 Seven Churches unholy LP, to SLAYER's 1986 Reign In Blood über LP to DEATH's current slaughter, the sough after feel and sound is finally here.

For touring-purposes, Schuldiner re-unites with Rozz, along MASSACRE drummer Bill Andrews and bassist Terry Butler ...all three men will stick around for the 1988 Leprosy LP and touring cycle.

It all started in Florida...
DEATH is here !
Death-Metal is here !
Hail Scream Bloody Gore: the world's first official Death-Metal record !

Scream Bloody Gore = full LP
Live in Chicago in 1987

November 16, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: Leprosy.

Finally ...Chuck had a full band.

DEATH's 1987 debut Scream Bloody Gore LP was a two-man operation ...but this time around it was a band effort. Welcome back aboard ex-MANTAS, ex-DEATH and now MASSACRE wild unique guitarist Rick Rozz ...along MASSACRE's rhythmic section of drummer Bill Andrews and bassist Terry Butler.

The speedmetal slaughter of 1985-86 was now biting the dust and the scene was looking for something more deadly. The answer: slowing down and turning the vocals inside-out, here's the new brutal-school known as: Death-Metal. While Scream Bloody Gore is the world's first official deathmetal LP, Leprosy is the one that pushed the movement. The aggression is set to overdrive, the hot production and fat guitar-tones are engineered by to-be studio guru Scott Burns at the to-be famous Morrisound Studios.

The frenzy fires-off with the mid-paced skin-ripping title-track "Leprosy". This bacterial disease has plagued humanity for ages and now it's spear-heading deathmetal. The up-tempo "Born Dead" reminds us that we'll all "starve and rot in agony", while the heavy "Left To Die" is a track that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Laid down to rest in the "Open Casket" is as brutal as it can get, while closing-track "Choke On It" is another gem that showcases hints of progressive elements, that would shape the band's future. "Pull The Plug" is a sickening cut that eventually became the focal point of the LP, as well as, a set-list encore for many, many years.

From blunt to barbaric, from fierce to fatal, from vicious to virulent ... Leprosy is the deathmetal LP to be reckoned with. Not in speed, has other acts would abound aplenty, but in the brutal department: Leprosy is THE one-stop shop. By 1989, the race was running at full swing, as the scene was now taken over by: AUTOPSY, OBITUARY, CARCASS, MORBID ANGEL and PESTILENCE ...but it all started with DEATH ...the first word in: Death-Metal.

DEATH would break-away from the oozing blood, starting with 1990's more progressive and leaner / cleaner produced Spiritual Healing CD.

Leprosy = full LP
Live in Philadelphia in 1988
Live and interview for Mexican TV in 1989

February 16, 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Spiritual Healing.

DEATH 2.0 a leaner, cleaner, smarter DEATH.

Turning-point between bloody brutal deathmetal and structured and intricate deathmetal. Step-one towards musical exploration and progressive exploration. Raw riffing and intelligent lyric-pattern, this is a high graded release in the to-be crowded scene. Deathmetal's answer to And Justice For All if you will.

Welcome abord James Murphy !

Spiritual Healing = full CD

October 22, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Human.

Life after DEATH.

Progression and exploration, a new motto for DEATH's brain-child Chuck Schuldiner. From regurgitated guts and zombie rituals to cosmic seas filled with vacant planets, this updated band was now breaking away from the bloody horrors and clichés of deathmetal. A new outlook: positive deathmetal.

The drum-intro build-up of "Flattening Of Emotions" traps you into a corner and then all the elements of Mother Nature goes into full overdrive. Commanding bass, commanding guitars, commanding drums and commanding master Chuck makes a strong statement: this is us, now try and follow if you dare.

More speed infused with the gathering "Together As One", über-fast rolling bassdrums a now new standard in this new fusion, while "See Through Dreams" also send the BPM needle into the hot-zone. The musical explorations of "Cosmic Sea", a 4:28sec instrumental vision that once again, cuts ties with the brutality and instead, makes rooms for melodies, elaborate solos and jazz-patterns.

The MTV-video, a first for this band, with the progressive "Lack Of Comprehension" track might not get actual day-time broadcasting, but did find it's way into a million-viewing Beavis & Butt-Head episode. Not bad for a band with "Death" as their very own moniker.

A complete 45° in the genre Chuck created and the creation of a new sub-metal breed: progressive deathmetal. Welcome aboard SADUS bassist Steve DiGiorgio and CYNIC-members drummer Sean Reinert and guitarist Paul Masvidal, wich means, more mean-metal with more mean-melodies. Even some minor changes were applied to the band's logo ...a clear sign of forwardness.

Remember that during that same calendar-year, other deathmetal units have also stepped-up in the melody-department, namely: Holland's PESTILENCE and the UK's CARCASS. This re-birth after death shall continue to bloom, with DEATH 2.0's 1993 free-style infused Individual Thought Patterns CD.

RIP Sean Reinert (1971-2020)

Lack Of Comprehension = video
Human = full CD
At Morrisound Studios
Interview with Chuck in 1991
Live in Milwaukee in 1991
some band

June 22, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Individual Thought Patterns.

It's alive !

Following 1991's molten metal-masterpiece Human CD, the ensuing brutal metal would flow in a more groovy fashion. No more progressive crescendos, simple is the key, DEATH now lives within a new-found primal rhythm.

The sick drums attack with the opening blast of "Overactive Imagination", were riffing takes us hostage into metal-heaven. This corpsegrinding suicide machine then appears "In Human Form", as the scene is now fully "Trapped In A Corner".

Dominating to a tee, intelligent deathmetal caresses the mind with "Nothing Is Everything" and the beautiful classic-introed "Destiny" ...once again: Chuck rules. Trying another shot at the MTV-market, this time with the strength beyond strength fan-favorite: "The Philosopher".

Another power-album, another power line-up of Gods amongst Men:
    - Chuck Schuldiner driving metal-force on lead-guitars and vocals
    - Steve DiGiorgio from SADUS returning on fretted and fretless bass-guitar
    - Gene Hoglan from DARK ANGEL fame, on drums
    - Andy LaRocque from KING DIAMOND fame, on guest lead-guitars
    ...and in the live environment: Ralph Santolla on guitars
1993, the last rites for traditional deathmetal, yet Chuck was already eons ahead of the scene. The lively feel found on Individual Thought Patterns is a one of a kind experience. Positive and deeply personal deathmetal with a bohemian signature: the birth of 100% organic-metal.

More technicality shall be injected back into the fold, with the riffraff-o-logy of 1995's pristine Symbolic CD.

RIP Ralph Santolla (1966-2018)

The Philosopher = video
Individual Thought Patterns = full CD
Interview in 1993
Beavis & Butt-Head
Live in Bradford in 1993
Gene Hoglan playing The Philosopher in 2017
Andy LaRocque talks about DEATH in 2023
Steve DiGiorgio talks about DEATH in 2023
some band

August 31, 1998 - 2023: 25 years of: The Sound Of Perseverance.

DEATH was already over by now.

Following 1995's Symbolic CD and touring-cycle, Chuck was planning eons ahead. In constant expansion, his new incarnation of organic-metal would be under the CONTROL DENIED brand: a modern powermetal adventure. Signing with Nuclear Blast Records, part of the deal was that another DEATH was to be hatched. Intended as the official final offering ...after years of evolution culminates: The Sound Of Perseverance.

On drums, half-man / half-machine legend Richard Christy destroys the kit on the opener "Scavenger Of Human Sorrow". Energetic-metal with deathmetal signature-vibes and exquisite leads, courtesy of other new-player, guitarist Shannon Hamm. More molten-metal attack the senses on "Bite The Pain", the 8:26sec progressive burst of "Flesh And The Power It Holds" and the slick Scott Clendenin bass-driven now fan-favorite "Spirit Crusher".

Breaking the laws of extreme-metal, the classic-guitar and lead-trading instrumental of "Voice Of The Soul" displays an above the competition team ...while the JUDAS PRIEST law-breaking bonus-reprise "Painkiller" gets pushed into overdrive if this event was even remotely possible !

This revamped band, matched with high-quality musicianship, breathes and reeks, a very different interpretation of traditional deathmetal. Raising eye-brows since 1987: this final exhibition is, the sound of perseverance. Self-labeled "100% Organic Death-Metal", 1998's scene was fully ready for a turn-over during this pre-millennium tide-changing rock landscape. Chuck's official final offering would be 1999's CONTROL DENIED The Fragile Art Of Existence CD.

Chuck Schuldiner, deathmetal's co-creator, passed-away from a two-year fight against brain-tumor in December 2001.

In a long string of hard-metal trailblazers, from VENOM to METALLICA to SLAYER to PANTERA ...DEATH was now part of heavymetal's folklore. A posthumous retrospective movie was created in 2018, to reflect on the various versions of the band and the immense impact Chuck had on what is commonly known as: Death-Metal ...the appropriately titled: Death By Metal DVD.

RIP Chuck Schuldiner (1967-2001)
RIP Scott Clendenin (1968-2015)
RIP Eric Grief (1962-2021)

The Sound Of Perseverance = full CD
Interview in Chile in 1998
Live in Eindhoven in 1998
On tour with HAMMERFALL in 1998

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