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October 5, 1962 - 2022: 60 years of: Dr. No.

Sixty rich years of 007 ...on the silver-screen.

Ex-member of the British Navy turned writer Ian Flemming, had already been sharing his vision on paper for his utopic portrayal of the unstoppable English super-superhero. Released post-WWII, 1952's Casino Royale is the first novel, that would span a legacy totaling twelve books. All of these wicked adventures would eventually be incarnated through motion-pictures. Round One ...1958's Dr. No.

This early rendition of James Bond features the classic signatures that we now take for granted. Most of the distinctive key elements are fully present:
    - The opening gun-barrel theme,
    - The meeting with M, MoneyPenny, Q and even CIA's Felix,
    - The maniacal world-domination hungry antagonist in his eleborate hidden base of operation,
    - The SPECTRE Organization
    ...and obviously, the iconic eye-candy lethal super-lady: the Bond Girl.
The reclusive Doctor, is bound to take over US military space rockets, intended for his dark destructive purposes. Deep into real-life Cold War, this nuclear pattern would also rule the upcoming 20+ years of 007 Vs evil ventures.

Enter Connery ...Sean Connery.
Enter Bond ...James Bond.

The Scottish rising actor was somewhat of a last choice. History has since proved that his casting has become the face of James Bond, the initial face of the 60 year old franchise and one of the most respected men in cinema. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is His Majesty's Secret Service first movie appearance: James Bond against Dr. No.

"Looking for shells ?"
"No I'm just looking."

RIP Ian Flemming (1908-1964)
RIP John Kitzmiller AKA Quarrel (1913-1965)
RIP Jack Lord AKA Felix (1920-1998)
RIP Joseph Wiseman AKA Dr. No (1918-2009)

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