1989 - The Real Thing.
way more Helter Skelter.

June 20, 1989 - 2019: 30 years of: The Real Thing.

The ultimate fusion-point between: alternative, funk and metal.

FAITH NO MORE had a lukewarm impact with their 1985 debut We Care A Lot LP and 1987's Introduce Yourself LP ...but the real FAITH NO MORE, the 2.0 version, came about with the arrival of the eclectic hyper-active new frontman: Mr. BUNGLE's Mike Patton in early 1989.

Behind the microphone, both velvet and gravel, both groove and rage and both angel and devil, the addition of Patton is the point of no return for the San-Francisco quartet. Dressed like average co-ed Joes, the boys reeked coolness with their shades, skateboard flair and hiphop grin: this unit was set for world-domination. 1989's ground-breaking The Real Thing LP is just that: the real thing !

FAITH NO MORE were the new trend, the new sound, the fresh new hope for the upcoming decade. At that time, the excesses of glamrock and thrashmetal of the glorious 80s had taken its toll, it was time for a much needed change and just before 1991's Seattle tidalwave rocknroll-revamp arose, FAITH NO MORE were for a little while, the shit !!!

Caught between scenes, FNM were labeled a heavier-CHILI PEPPERS or a lighter-SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Hard to rock at a hard place when fans and critics can't even properly tag your band ...but then again, maybe it was for the better, as FNM pleased and excelled in BOTH scenes: they were the alternative.

The fast-tempo "From Out Of Nowhere" kicks-in and takes no prisoners. High-octane newrock with Roddy Bottum's beautiful supporting keyboards and that captivating angry-kid voice: instant magic ! "Falling Into Pieces" crushes skulls with Jim Martin saccaded guitar riffing and Bill Gould's funky bass-lines, while the thrashmetal-themed "Surprise ! You're Dead !" finishes the job.

"Zombie Eaters" is FNM's "Bohemian Rhapsody", the classical guitar builds-up then explodes with distorted bass and all the elements burst into a full blown brawl: 6 rich progressive minutes of adventurous fun. The boogie-vibed "Underwater Love" is a light and lovable track that feeds the poison with a spoon.

The centerpiece of the LP remains unmatched, clocking at 4:54sec, the epic-ness and badass-ness of "Epic" is all-stars aligned freestyle-rock. The fist-pumping tribal drum rhythm sets the pace along Patton's rap-along vocal melodies: truly trendsetting ! Maybe a one-hit wonder to some, but this track catapulted the band into lifetime MTV-rotation.

The instru-metal "Woodpecker From Mars" is a whirlwind of sounds, slap-bass and Mike Bordin's sick drum-patterns. Hints of RUSH, PRIMUS and METALLICA all in one single cut, again, instant magic ! The closing track "Edge Of The World" is a posh lounge-song, yes you read that right, lounge as in: cigars & cocktails, gutsy indeed. The addition of the BLACK SABBATH classic "War Pigs" is a nice and well performed bonus.

The Real Thing did went Platinum and FAITH NO MORE did front covers of major-publications and massive touring, but by late-1991, all eyes and ears headed north, to the "new" alternative. Throughout their turbulent career, FNM recently made the inevitable reunion and recording of new material, but The Real Thing's 30+ year game-changer status remains the real deal as it opened the doors to countless bands and sat the table for nümetal of the late-90s.

What is it ?

Epic = video
Falling To Pieces = video
The Real Thing = full LP
Interview in 1990
MTV Awards in 1990
Live in 1990


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