May 16, 1989 - 2019: 30 years of: Slowly We Rot.

All the way, from Tampa Florida, it's OBITUARY !!! ...that live intro-call heard on stages across the globe, the intro to your imminent death !

Deeply rooted in the HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST riff-pattern, XECUTIONER became known to the world as OBITUARY in May of 1989. Real Death-Metal in it's purest form, no Satan, no keyboards, no clean-guitars, no ifs-and-buts ...just plain "Death" and "Metal" united as one. The heaviest overdriven guitar-tone, the laidback double-bass drum foundation and the voice, that voice, that sick repulsive guttural voice that sat them apart.

Here's an actual quote taken from the official lyric-sheet: WWWHHHUUUUAAAARRRRGGGGHHH !!!!!!!

No kidding, for some parts of some songs, there are no actual words being used, just John Tardy's vomited style of deathmetal spew. His voice is the 4th instrument of this unit, no shame, just plain aural-violence. Here are some fan-made lyrics interpretation:

Part of the initial Tampa scene of 1987, along fellow buddies ATHEIST, MORBID ANGEL and DEATH, OBITUARY stuck to their guns and were known as the old-school one, as the other aforementioned bands evolved and changed over-time, OBITUARY kept on releasing the same album, over and over and over ...not a bad thing as the formula was a winning-one to start with.

The slow rotting process begins with "Internal Bleeding", the riff, the lead, the dark vibe and the voice, it's all there, 3:02sec of pure metal-messiah Armageddon. "Godly Beings" sneaks up on you and when the vocal kicks in, you are doomed to die. The commanding opening riff of "Deadly Intentions" dictates the pace and forces everyone to head-bang into submission !

"Gates To Hell" is the band's fastest song in their entire catalog and it fits right up there along the greats: "Endless Pain", "Hardening Of The Arteries" and the majesty of "Visual Aggression". The haunting title-track sets the mood slowly and then all hell breaks loose in a speedmetal-type moshpit, and the massive doom-intro of "Stinkupuss" closes the album and builds-up into another fist-pumping fiesta. While DEATH created this stuff, OBITUARY took it another whole step forward.

Recorded on basic 8-tracks at now renown Morrisound Studios by now renown engineer Scott Burns, Slowly We Rot came across 1000x time more brutal and crystal-clear then some major-label counterparts of the thrashmetal/speedmetal movement of that same era.

The stable core line-up of brothers Jon & Don Tardy along main axemen Trevor Peres have been the backbone of this sepulture since Day One. Yet thru time, other key scene-players have been in-n-out of this metal-institution: Allen West, James Murphy, Ralph Santolla, Steve DiGiorgio, Lee Harrison and Terry Butler.

30 years later ...we are still slowly rotting !

Live in Milwaukee in 1989

September 19, 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Cause Of Death.

8 x 3 = 24

Florida in the very late-80s, land of sun, fun and deathmetal. A farm for deathmetal, just like California was with thrashmetal, this time Tampa is ground-zero for visionaries like: MASSACRE, DEATH, MORBID ANGEL and XECUTIONER ...that will eventually turn inside out into OBITUARY.

After the demo-cycle, the Slowly We Rot LP is released to an unexpected world in May 1989, changing the game and creating extreme-metal. Taking, once again, the brutal essence of VENOM and HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST riff-patterns, Cause Of Death pushed this new agenda of "heavy-doom-deathmetal".

The end of your world begins while being "Infected". The massive guitar death-tone suffocates as the drums builds-up to an eventual stampede. "Chopped In Half" ..."feel the blood spill from your mouth, with rotting ways comes destiny" leave not much to the imagination: this is a cause of death. The fastest of speedmetal, downtuned to D for that special grit and the vocals from hell, literally, are present on "Find The Arise" and the gut-wrenching "Turned Inside Out" is a quick-sand in the macabre.

The added bonus, CELTIC FROST's classick "Circle Of The Tyrants" is a perfect fit, as the OBITUARY-signature is directly linked to the aforementioned Swiss gods.

Produced by Scott Burns at the world-famous Morrisound Studios on fat cutting-edge 24-tracks, 1990's Cause Of Death CD is considered the Welcome To Hell, the Seven Churches, the Reign In Blood of the deathmetal movement. A sick show-stopper, a required-listening and an undeniable influence in the extremes. A shape-shift in the scenes, as by then, thrashmetal was in the passenger-seat in the brutal department.

The lead-guitar duties are taken by force by upcoming stalwart hero James Murphy, from CANCER and DEATH fame. Yet the vocals remains the focal point of this release and overall band-catalog. John Tardy's deadly divine deathmetal delivery is still, 30 years later, unmatched.


RIP Frank Watkins (1968-2015)

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Interview and live in 1990
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