The Spy Who Loved Me.
more James Bond.
way more Helter Skelter.

July 13, 1977 - 2022: 45 years of: The Spy Who Loved Me.

A union made ...shaken, but not stirred.

Disappearing top-secret American and Soviet nuclear submarines in plain sight, who could be behind this evilness ? The Super Powers unite: the United Kingdom sends James Bond ...while the CCCP sends their best agent: Agent XXX. A lovely killer, portrayed by the lovely Barbara Bach, paired with 007 so you know this team will make sparks fly.

In Egypt and at the bottom of the sea, they meet Karl Stromberg, a crazed man hell bent in creating an underwater society, after a WW3 downfall, initiated from the stolen submarines. A mega plan with mega consequences.

And for extra security, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome into pop-culture: Jaws !

No not the stealth man-biting shark, but the 7'2'' metal-teeth wearing mindless killing-machine. Instantaneously, this character would become one of the world's most recognized henchmen and a fan-favorite amongst the Bond-franchise. So popular, that actor Richard Kiel would reprise the role in 1979's Moonraker fiasco.

The gloom of worldwide nuclear warfare and UK-man + USSR-lady working hand-in-hand against an iconic indestructable steel-chewing giant. James Bond's tenth movie in the series is filled with the utmost massive excitement. So gigantic, that a special-studio had to be built around the props to recreate the inside of the Liparus, the supertanker: the still used today 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios near London.

Oh and did we mentioned the posh Lotus Esprit: the sexy white car transforming into a submarine ...a new kind of water-sport !

"But James, I need you."
"So does England !"

RIP Bernard Lee AKA M (1908-1981)
RIP Curd Jürgens AKA Stromberg (1915-1982)
RIP Walter Gotell AKA General Gogol (1924-1997)
RIP Desmond Llewelyn AKA Q (1914-1999)
RIP Geoffrey Keen AKA British Defence Minister (1916-2005)
RIP Lois Maxwell AKA Moneypenny (1927-2007)
RIP Richard Kiel AKA Jaws (1939-2014)
RIP Roger Moore KBE AKA James Bond (1927-2017)

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