You Only Live Twice.
more James Bond.
way more Helter Skelter.

June 13, 1967 - 2022: 55 years of: You Only Live Twice.

"Hahaha, welcome to Japan Mister Bond."

Everything's bigger in the land of the rising sun. High from the stratosphere, the biggest robbery occurred, twice. Both American and Soviet rockets are being captured into oblivion.
    Where are they now ?
    Who's behind this demonic plan ?
    How could they do this ?
Way more questions than answers ...and now, the two super-powers accusing each other are really fighting against: #1

Caught between rising global tensions, UK's best goes on a manhunt that leads him into remote Japanese islands ...and now we finally get to see him. The voice, the silhouette, the Persian cat, the faceless smooth criminal ...he is the mastermind of the SPECTRE Organization:

"James Bond, allow me to introduce myself: I am Ernst Stavro Blodfeld."

In the Cold War era, initial death, fights, passion and grandiose plays are all part of Bond's fifth adventure on the silver-screen. Stolen space-ships in an emptied volcano turned into a landing-pad, a battle of ninjas and a 6' 2" suave British agent. After the universally acclaimed classic 1965 Thunderball, just like the Beatlemania, the 007-franchise could do no wrong.

"This organization does not tolerate failure."

RIP Bernard Lee AKA M (1908-1981)
RIP Teru Shimada AKA Mr. Osato (1905-1988)
RIP Donald Pleasence OBE AKA Ernst Stavro Blodfeld (1919-1995)
RIP Desmond Llewelyn AKA Q (1914-1999)
RIP Charles Gray AKA Henderson (1928-2000)
RIP Tetsuro Tamba AKA Tanaka (1922-2006)
RIP Lois Maxwell AKA Moneypenny (1927-2007)
RIP Karin Dor AKA Helga (1938-2017)
RIP Sean Connery (1930-2020)

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