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March 10, 1998 - 2023: 25 years of: Voyeurs.

The Metal God is out of the fight.

After the lukewarm reception of FIGHT's 1995 mechanical inducted A Small Deadly Space CD, the writing was on the wall. During the experimental mid 90s, the industrial-effect was strong and the heavymetal God was about to enter his biggest metal-meltdown yet. Rob Halford tags along creative guitar-player John 5 aka John Lowery ...they were now 2WO aka TWO.

High to low, the deep bass and drums attack as "I Am A Pig" sets the pace for this new level of heaviness. Right into the electronica flair of "Stutter Kiss" and the rusted industrial beats of "Leave Me Alone".

Some hard-core mid-pace on the metal-hammer "Water's Leaking" and "My Ceiling's Low", where the submissive Halford states: "The collar fits, it's 'round my neck, a limping full, I am a wreck". Multi-massive samples drown the audience into a deadly grid on "If" and "Hey, Sha La La" ...yes the Dave Ogilvie effect is in full swing.

The post Downward Spiral-era was ruled by nümetal and the scene was definitely not prepared for Mr. Halford's new wacky venture. Released to zero expectations on Trent Reznor's Nothing Records, Voyeurs was not only brushed away by the metal crowd, but also got the cold shoulder from the alternative / industrial crowd. Yet in recent times, a renewed interest arose of this peculiar event ...as they say in this industry: wrong place at the wrong time. Give the man some credit for trying and expressing one's musical vision, but commercially, the project was a total failure. The proposed tour was cut short and the band was forever forgotten.

Diametrically and personally, coming out live on MTV, Rob was finally out of his life-long internal painkilling. Aside from this explosion of sights and sounds, on a private-level, the man was proud, released from this immortal sin and did it on his own terms. Through the ashes of the 2WO adventure, bassist Ray Riendeau would stick around and demo the epic cut Silent Screams. This rock hard blueprint would eventually see the light of night, on Rob's new heavymetal identity old-school modern monster simply called: HALFORD.

He's a pig, the Devil's child is back, the return of Rob Halford. With open arms, the triumphant return of The Metal God would be fully embraced worldwide on 2000's sheer broken-glass attack Resurrection CD.

I Am A Pig = video
Voyeurs = full CD
MTV interview in 1998
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