1993 - War Of Words.
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September 14, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: War Of Words.

Your prescription: more painkillers !

The unimaginable is now, Rob Halford is out of JUDAS PRIEST ...and his new musical vision would embrace the current rough-metal movement in this tormented grunge era. The Metal God's 1993 band left no-one indifferent: take some epic Eurometal screams, mixed in some modern American-groove, on a strong backdrop of thrashmetal and some street-level attitude let's FIGHT !

Jump right "Into The Pit" ...a speedmetal whiplash with deadly consequences. Downtuned metal-mosh and rolling bass-drums, this pit is slaying high-action head-spinnin'. Rage and hate attack on "Kill It" and the appropriately titled "Vicious", while the quicksand of "Little Crazy" ups the game to a new plateau of heaviness.

Actual Armageddon destroys the opposition with "Immortal Sin" and the mega-chugging of the closer "Reality, A New Beginning" is another electrified metal-messiah.

The Second Amendment gets a facewash on the blunt title-track "War Of Words", neo-thrash with a ten-feet tall perspective. And the vulgar display of power, the back-alley MTV thrash-cut "Nailed To The Gun", hits the nail right on the head, in this gun-obsessed post-Rodney King Red, White & Blue.

New hands comes in handy, these hooligans includes: Brian Tilse and Russ Parrish on guitars, wildman Jay Jay on bass and xtra-mojo in drummer / machine Scott Travis. No leather, no studs, no Harley ...this is a new Halford, a lethal super-hero synonymous with the current early 90s act. Rob is miles-away from his legendary past, yet so close heavymetal-history would prove, a decade later. Riding the new streetmetal wave, along MACHINE HEAD, SEPULTURA, BIOHAZARD and PANTERA, the British-frontmen managed the crowd like minions and gained a new credibility in the nineties.

FIGHT's other assault would present some industrial remixes on 1994's Mutation MCD and another vision of beautiful brutality with their final offering: 1995's A Small Deadly Space CD.

Nailed To The Gun = video
Immortal Sin = video
Little Crazy = video
War Of Words = full CD
Mutations = full MCD
MTV Interview in 1993
Live on MTV in 1993
Live in Phoenix in 1993

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