2000 - Resurrection.
2002 - Crucible.
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August 8, 2000 - 2020: 20 years of: Resurrection.

The ultimate heavymetal rebirth !

From London to L.A., the Metal God reclaims his crown. Part British Steel / part Painkiller, Resurrection is the album that kick-started the heavymetal rebirth of the new millennium. Resurrection, along 2002's Crucible CD are invitation-cards to what was to become the greatest heavymetal reunion in history: Rob Halford reuniting with JUDAS PRIEST in 2003.

Heavymetallers around the world wouldn't wear spikes and leather and ride motor-bikes, if Mr. Halford hadn't incorporated the style, way back in 1978, with JUDAS PRIEST's appropriately titled LP (in the US): Hell Bent For Leather !

Resurrection = full CD
Live at Rock In Rio III in 2001

June 25, 2002 - 2022: 20 years of: Crucible.

Hail Halford !

The liturgy began with 2000's megametal return to form Resurrection CD ...one of the greatest comeback by a heavymetal artist, ever. The modern tones and the crushing power was harvested to new heights. Round Two, were our savior would once again, reinvent aggression and push the metal, leather and studs agenda into oblivion.

Morbid melodies by the almighty, as the "Crucible" title-track reminds us how Mr. Halford IS: the apex of power. The lovely thrash stampede of "Handing Out Bullets", the relentless down-picking of "Heretic" and the summoning speedmetal of "Wrath Of God" fully resets the metal-counter to epic.

The doomy duo of "Crystal" and "Golgotha" confirms none-believer that the then 51 years-young Metal God has safely recouped his throne. The video-single for "Betrayal" features a sick impressive drum-intro ala "Painkiller". Blunt power and hateful thrashmetal, crafted by the man himself, along his all-star metal-minions: Ray Riendeau on bass, Bobby Jarzombeck on percussions and the lead-duo of Mike Chlasciak and Pat Lachman ...all of this madness under the fine Roy Z. supervision.

In the new millennium, after a very, very long classic-metal drought on both sides of the Atlantic, the one and only Rob Halford would climb back, lead the way and bring more deadly decibels and poignant punches. The kickstart of a revamped revolution that would culminate in the 2003-04 era with strong releases by EXODUS, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX, MACHINE HEAD, DEATH ANGEL and the Canadian S.Y.L.

At the height of his solo-career, during this tormented-era, his ex-partners had deception on the table from the plain boring Ripper Owens-led 2001 Demolition CD. Yet the wrath of God shall come to fruition, puting the everlasting rumors to rest, as the inevitable JUDAS PRIEST reunion would take form in the Summer of 2003, to universal fan delight. The HALFORD-entity would sporadically release new material, when not in a PRIEST writing / touring cycle.


Betrayal = video
Crucible = full CD
Crucible = full 2010 remixed CD
Interview and performance in Bulgaria in 2002
Live in Italy in 2002
Documentary in 2003










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